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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members - Summer 2017

Cover Story

Fear Unfurled

Worried, scared, and on edge, it’s tough for students with undocumented parents to focus on school. A look at how educators in Austin, Texas, are providing much-needed help.

Fight Like Hell

Delegates at NEA-Retired Annual Meeting plan for the future, and vow to oppose harmful Trump-DeVos agenda.

Six Over 60

NEA-Retired members who are still hard at work protecting public school students, active
and retired educators, and the teaching profession.

A Caregiver Who Dances in the Rain

A look into the life of a former governor who now cares for his wife who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

They’re All Ears

Through listening tours, retired educators give their active counterparts a much-needed personal and professional boost.

The Case of the Missing Social Security Money

Together, GPO and WEP deprive as many as 9 million Americans of the Social Security benefits they have earned. NEA-Retired members are determined to do something about it.

President’s Message

As his second three-year term comes to a close, outgoing NEA-Retired president Tom Curran offers a few final thoughts.

My Contribution

A story that began with a cello and grew into a commitment to social justice.

From NEA Today

Preventive Maintenance

How a strong sense of community can help to keep students safe.

Truth in Funding

When you’re talking about education spending, always keep the bottom line in sight.

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