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Summer 2017 - Thought & Action

Sneak preview!
The next issue of Thought & Action will feature this very compelling article from two University of Florida professors, who describe how their union responded to a White supremacist’s visit on campus. Download it here.

Check out the latest call for papers!
The review panel is inviting submissions on the theme of “resistance,” as well as other topics. Deadline is Jan. 1.

Welcome to the Summer 2017 Issue of Thought & Action! 
Read more about dual enrollment, guns on campuses, and the importance of state-level advocacy. Download the issue, or order a free print copy with the special code NEAHIGHERED. Specific articles also can be downloaded below.

Overview by Mary Ellen Flannery

The Corporate Assault on Higher Education and Union Responses by Gordon Lafer

Duck and Cover, Little Lady: Women and Campus Carry by Patricia Somers, Jessica Fry, and Carlton J. Fong

Dual Enrollment’s Expansion: Cause for Concern by Alec Thomson

Shared Governance and Academic Freedom: Yes, This Is Union Work by John Messier

On Not Needing a Lecture by Elizabeth Johnston

Community College Students, ALP Success, and the Small Moments by Linda Holman

A Legacy of Public and Private Good. A Review of Gary Dorn’s "For the Common Good: A New History of Higher Education in America" by Mark F. Smith