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The 2018 Almanac

Overview ( PDF, 1,855 KB, 4 pgs.)
by Mark F. Smith

Faculty Salaries: 2016-17  ( PDF, 2,216 KB, 14 pgs.)
by Suzanne B Clary

Beyond Academic Freedom: The Economic Case for Tenure ( PDF, 1,958 KB, 14 pgs.)
by: Gregory M. Saltzman

Big Brother or Big Breitbart: Negotiating Evaluation in the Surveillance Age  ( PDF, 1,926 KB, 10 pgs.)
by Kristin Anderson Dougherty, Gary Rhoads, and Mark F. Smith

Faculty Workload and Productivity: The Trauma of Trump ( PDF, 2,024 KB, 14 pgs.)
by Henry Lee Allen

State Finances and Higher Education in Trump Year Two ( PDF, 2.181 KB, 14 pgs.)
by William Zumeta

Retirement and Benefits: Moving Forward, Rebuilding Trust ( PDF, 2,253 KB, 14 pgs.)
by Valerie Martin Conley and Andrea Nelson Trice

ESPs: Examining Their Employment Status and Workforce Composition ( PDF, 2,085 KB, 12 pgs.)
by Vicki J. Rosser and Celeste M. Calkins

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units ( PDF, 1,959 KB, 16 pgs.)

Edcommunities Groups

Collaborate with educators on this topic in the groups below.

ESSA Implementation
Welcome to the ESSA Implementation group! Collectively, we have the opportunity to drive a student-centered agenda as part of the implementation process for the Every Student Succeeds Act. April Reisma, Arkansas, is the facilitator of this group. Feel free to reach out to her for comments or questions!

FL Evaluation and PD
Is the evaluation system giving you trouble? Do you want to know the most up to date information? Then no need to look any further! This site will allow you to find the most up to date information regarding the evaluation system for your county in Florida. This site will look at both Robert Marzano's and Charlotte Danielson's model to help you navigate through your specific evaluation system to allow for both your student's and your professional success. This site will also provide Professional Development for all educators, including the required 20 hour ESE recertification requirement class.

Empowered Educators
This group is focused on the development of leadership skills and opportunities to help educators become empowered to take our rightful place in education policy and advocacy.