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An easy way to check your student loan debt forgiveness options

By NEA Member Benefits

Today, educators graduate with about $35,000 of student debt – and add more with advanced degrees. Millions of public servants are eligible to participate in forgiveness programs, but most don’t realize they qualify.

NEA advocates for 100% student loan debt forgiveness for educators, but until that becomes a reality, there are solutions that can help. The NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Navigator, in conjunction with Savi, can help you understand your forgiveness and loan payment reduction options based on your situation. NEA members are averaging about $37,000 in student loan debt forgiveness, and they’re reducing their annual payments by an average of $2,100.

Visit to get your personalized debt-reduction evaluation.

Tips to make smart borrowing choices

Emergency funds can be a lifeline during a personal financial crisis. So-called “payday loans” can seem like an easy solution, but you may pay a price for getting one.

Payday lenders typically charge exorbitant interest rates, and when you have trouble repaying the loan, you become further trapped in a cycle of debt. This type of predatory lending is so insidious that it’s restricted, or even illegal, in some states.

Go to to see what steps to take if you’ve been a victim of predatory lending, and find information about less-risky loan options.

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As we work to revamp the current Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, we need to hear from educators like you. Fill out our survey and tell us about your experience with PSLF.



Allow student loans to be refinanced when interest rates drop


Did you know…

...average student debt is $30,000?
…more than 33 million Americans qualify for Income Driven Repayment plans (IDR)?
…1/4th of the workforce qualifies for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)?
NEA can help?