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Branding Your E-Newlsetter

Design a Masthead with the Right Name and Look for Your Association

The masthead of your e-newsletter can strengthen the publication's identity and convey a sense of character.

You want a name and masthead that's descriptive of your e-newsletter, easy to remember, and easy to read.

The Name

If your name were Suzannah Jane McIndoe Plutarski, you wouldn't use your full name all the time. The same thing applies to your masthead. The Anytown County Education Association News may be the true descriptive title for your newsletter, but it's long and unwieldy. How about the Anytown Advocate?

Be sure to include the Association's full name in small type above or below the main name, along with the date.

The templates suggested earlier do just that. The sample layouts of The Advocate have a smaller bar running underneath that reads, "The Newsletter of the Anytown Education Association."


Here's the place to experiment with typefaces! Just remember that you want the end result to be aesthetically pleasing and easily read.

Many desktop publishing programs will allow you to alter your typeface by extending or condensing the letters, or adding shadows or outlines. These techniques can add some individuality to a common typeface.

Design Elements

Clipart is a viable option for mastheads, although it's not necessary. It needs to be small, simple, and compatible with your newsletter's name. You can also use rules (lines) effectively here to set the masthead off from the rest of the newsletter.


Although you don't want to go overboard, neither do you want to be overly cautious. Your masthead must stand out clearly from the rest of the newsletter, and must be the place the reader's eye goes to first. A good size to aim for is 80 – 84 points.
You want your readers to recognize your publication in an instant, so you shouldn't redesign every issue. Take your time, have fun, and you'll have a masthead you and your readers will be delighted with for a long time.