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House passes Ryan budget that hurts kids, families, and seniors

The House on Thursday passed the NEA-opposed Ryan budget by a vote of 219 – 205, with no Democrats supporting it and 12 Republicans voting no. The budget sacrifices the well-being of the middle class and our most vulnerable populations, including children, to give deep tax breaks to those who need it the least. Instead of replacing the devastating sequester cuts in upcoming years, the Ryan budget would slash spending on domestic programs that help kids and families – like education – by nearly $800 billion. The maximum Pell Grant award would be frozen, making the dream of college unattainable for even more students. Medicaid, which provides healthcare for one-third of our nation’s children, would be cut by more than $700 billion. Medicare would be converted to “premium support,” a euphemism for vouchers that would shift a growing share of costs to seniors. And the entire Affordable Care Act would be repealed.

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