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Letter to the full Congress on the war in Iraq

January 08, 2007

Dear Senator/Representative:

The more than 8,000 delegates to the National Education Association's (NEA) annual Representative Assembly have asked NEA to weigh in with the United States Congress on the war in Iraq. NEA, representing 3.2 million educators across the nation, believes Congress and the President should work toward an appropriate exit strategy to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq. In addition, we believe that Congress and the President should ensure that veterans returning from the war have adequate support systems, including employment and educational opportunities and health care. 

Educators are deeply concerned about the impact of the war on our nation, particularly on students whose parents have been deployed. In addition, they are concerned that expending billions of dollars on a war for which no specific exit strategy has been designed is draining resources from other priorities, including public education.

Our members' concerns are well-founded. According to the Iraq Study Group report released last month, the situation in Iraq is "grave and deteriorating."  The report recommended a radically different approach from current policy, including the withdrawal of most U.S. combat troops by early 2008. We are hopeful that the upcoming Congressional hearings result in a bipartisan strategy that moves us closer to an appropriate exit plan.

We thank you for your consideration of our views on these important issues.


Reg Weaver, President
National Education Association