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The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Member Rachelle Moore testifies before Congress

It's time to finish ESEA

Tell Congress to get it done and get it done right!

Educators and students across the country know that the current education law (No Child Left Behind) is broken. Our students can’t wait any longer - so please act today and tell Congress to fix it!

Your representatives and senators are currently working on a new bill that is a major improvement over current law, but we need your help to push Congress to get it done. Write an email to your representative here.

Email Congress

Get ESEA Right: More opportunity for students to learn

Sign the Petition

Sign the ESEA petition and share it with 5 friends.

Call Congress

Call Congress via NEA’s “Opportunity for All” hotline at 1-866-331-7233.

Lily's Blackboard

Washington Post:  'No Child Left Behind' has failed

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