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Using Artwork Effectively

Photographs and illustrations can add appeal to any website or e-newsletter – and they can convey a powerful message if used well.

When adding photos illustrations to your website or e-newsletter:

  • Focus on drama. Crop the photo tightly around the action. Members will be able to see faces more clearly that way.
  • Look for photos that are shot closely enough that you can see peoples' faces. A faraway shot of a meeting where participants are blurry blips will make your pages look grey.
  • Try to use photos that catch people in action.
  • If people are looking off in one direction instead of right at the camera, position them so their faces aren't looking off the page.
  • If you've got a great photo that tells a story in itself, run it big! You can place a simple headline over it, and run a caption below - even on page 1.
  • Don't forget the caption – people love seeing their faces and their names in print.

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