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Great Public Schools Criteria for New Hampshire

Great Public Schools Criteria refers to the seven elements needed for closing the achievement gaps and raising achievement for all students. The seven elements are: (1) readiness to learn, (2) high expectations, (3) quality conditions, (4) qualified staff, (5) accountability, (6) parental involvement, and (7) funding.

Read more below about the Great Public Schools Criteria in New Hampshire.

Readiness to Learn

Full-day Kindergarten:

Quality Conditions

School Safety.
The state enacted an anti-bullying statute that specifies that all parents involved in a student bullying incident must be informed by the principal within 48 hours of the occurrence of this incident and must be advised of their due process rights including the right to appeal to the state board of education, although the district superintendent may grant the principal a waiver from the notification requirement if the superintendent believes it is in the child’s best interest.

Basis: N.H. REV. STAT. ANN. § 193-F:2, 193-F:3

Parental Involvement

Even Start Family Literacy Program.
Even Start is a federally-funded educational program offered in seven urban and rural communities across the state. Each program builds on existing educational resources and is sponsored through a partnership involving the local school district and community-based, non-profit organizations.

Even Start is designed to serve low-income families with low literacy skills. The instructional program integrates early childhood education, adult education, parent and child interactive literacy activities, and parenting education; it also connects families with existing community resources and support services.

Who is eligible? Low-income families with children from birth through age seven, who are most in need of literacy development, are eligible for enrollment. This includes families headed by teen parents who have not yet received a high school diploma, adults who wish to earn their GED, and those who are English language learners.

Core Program Components

Program Design. Families participate in a program that offers flexible, intensive, year-round instruction. In addition to enrolling adults and children in appropriate educational settings, an Even Start Family Literacy Instructor visits each family in their home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. To help families participate in all four program components on a consistent basis, Even Start offers child care, light meals, and transportation to classes.

Source: New Hampshire State Department of Education