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Campus Equity Week

October 26 – 30, 2015

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Contingent or adjunct faculty members teach the majority of postsecondary students in America—and they often do so under near-impossible working conditions.

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SIGN HERE! Support the Adjunct Faculty Fairness Act of 2015 to help adjuncts access public service loan forgiveness.

Contingent faculty need our help to help their students. Sen. Durbin is working to get them access to student loan forgiveness. Watch the video (2:09)

During Campus Equity Week and beyond, NEA calls on all of its members to work together to change those conditions for the benefit of faculty and students. Here are a few resources to help:

Spread the word!

Please download and share via social media our memes about adjunct student debt. Click on each image to download (JPEG, 1024 x 512):


Free Poster

Download and print this free poster — and share it widely. Let the world know that you support campus equity!



Get Organized

Across the U.S., contingent faculty are organizing for equity. That includes fair pay, access to faculty training funds, compensation for office hours, and more. Check out our map of organizing victories.


The Do's and Don't of an Ally

We all need to be allies — non-tenured and tenured faculty alike, as well as students — in the fight for high-quality higher education for students. Read these tips from New Faculty Majority leaders Judy Olson and Anne Wiegard.


Student debt and adjunct faculty

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has a plan to relieve the student debt burden that weighs on so many contingent faculty. Read this Q&A with the Senator to find out more.


Faculty Matter

This 2014 Thought & Action article explains what's at stake when faculty working conditions are so miserable: Student learning. Faculty actually matter to student learning, the research shows. So why are we making it so difficult for them to teach?

More CEW Resources:

Senator Durbin on
Adjucnt Faculty:

Contingent faculty need our help — to help their students. That's why Sen. Durbin is working to get them access to student loan forgiveness.

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