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College Affordability

College Affordability

NEA's Degrees Not Debt Campaign

NEA's Degrees Not Debt Campaign

Jones testimony
Future educator Brittany Jones testifies about her student loan debt at the Senate Budget Committee hearing.

Every American deserves a fair shot at higher education. But student loan debt has become a barrier to the American dream. Raise your voice for college affordability. Sign the Degrees Not Debt pledge:

There are solutions to this crisis of college affordability. Here are a few of the solutions we can demand from Congress:

  • Increase need-based federal aid, like Pell Grants.
  • Refinance loan interest rates. Its not right that we can refinance loans on cars or homes, but not on student loans.
  • Expand loan forgiveness programs, especially those for people working in public service careers like educating.

If you believe that all Americans, no matter their background, deserve a fair shot at higher education, join us. Sign the Degrees Not Debt pledge!

VIDEOS: NEA Members Speak Out

Do you have student loan debt? 
You may be leaving money on the table. Read the 5 Steps to Kick Student Debt to learn more.

The Stats and Real Life Stories Behind College Debt 
College is increasingly unattainable for students. Read some of their stories. (PDF)

Are you one of the millions of Americans affected by student debt? Whether you’re a student, a parent or an educator, please share your story on Education Votes. Make sure Congress and voters know how paying too much for school hurts all of us.



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