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Meet the Dreamers

On May 1st, hundreds of immigrant rights advocates joined a group of students who had walked from Miami and from New York in front of the White House to ask President Obama to live up to his campaign promise of passing comprehensive immigration reform. Waving American flags and signs that said "Education, Not Deportation," participants in the rally heard the Trail of Dreamers speak about the importance of the DREAM Act. Read more here

Click on the slideshow to listen to some of their stories:

Felipe Matos, Carlos Roa, Gaby Pacheco and Juan Rodríguez walked from Miami to Washington DC to advocate in favor of the DREAM Act. They encountered rain, snow and the KKK, but they also met hundreds of students who like them hope that education is the way to a better future.

Check out the slideshow of their journey.

Here are some of their stories:

Gaby Pacheco was brought to the United States when she was seven years old. She has an AA in Music Education an AS in early childhood education, and a BA in Special Education K-12. In 2006, federal immigration agents raided her home, and Gaby’s family has been fighting deportation ever since. Her dream is to open a music center for autistic children.

Listen to her story:

Felipe Matos, born in Brazil wants to be a high school biology teacher. He hopes that Congress will approve the DREAM ACT, so that he can pursue his dream.

Listen to his story: