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Education Support Professionals

(ESP) Resources

Here are some resources for Education Support Professionals (ESP) that include Web sites, articles, and career information. To find resources for a specific ESP group, click on the group below.

Clerical Services

This group includes secretaries, stenographers, typists, word processors, administrative and office assistants, bookkeepers, accounting and financial assistants; as well as data entry, statistical, payroll, file, general office, and computer workers; registration and records assistants, attendance technicians, receptionists, telephone operators, couriers, and nonmanagerial supervisors.

Contributions of School Secretaries
Read an article at this site about the many contributions made by school secretaries. Listed at the bottom of the page are reader responses to the article.

Microsoft Office Online
This site is a source of clip art, media and templates for Microsoft Office products.

National Association of Educational Office Professionals
The association offers information on professional development, leadership, and training opportunities for education employees. A specifically designed certification program is featured.

Custodial and Maintenance Services

This group includes building and grounds maintenance staff, custodians, housekeepers, mechanics (except vehicle), repairers, laborers, helpers, warehouse personnel, non-managerial crew leaders.

Greening Schools
This project is a joint effort between the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Waste Management and Research Center. The purpose of the project is to help schools provide a safe and healthy environment that can save money, improve learning conditions, and increase efficiency.

Identifying and Reducing Toxic Substances and Safety Hazards
This area of theMassachusetts Public Health Association Web site provides tips, guidelines, and articles to help school workers to avoid, reduce, or eliminate the use of toxic or hazardous products in their buildings in an effort to promote healthier indoor environments.

Conducting a Security Evaluation |National Association of Independent Schools
Learn what maintenance staff and other ESP can do to help keep school buildings and parking lots safe from hostile intruders, student vandals, and others.

Food Services

This group includes cooks and food preparation workers, cashiers, dieticians and dietary technicians, food service workers, and nonmanagerial supervisors.

Food and Nutrition Information Center
More than 40 journals, newsletters, and electronic publications are featured. Articles cover health and dieting, medical news, and nutrition. 

Food Preparation Guidelines
The Kewaunee School District (Wisconsin) offers six food preparation guidelines that promote and protect the health of students and staff. The information is geared toward people handling, preparing, wrapping, and serving food within school buildings and outside events.

National School Lunch Program
Every aspect of this federally assisted meal program is explained. From menu planning and after-school snacks, to food distribution programs and the preparation of nutritionally balanced meals.

Health and Student Services

This group includes licensed practical nurses, nurses' and health aides, medical technicians, family and parent service aides, community welfare services workers, and nonmanagerial supervisors.

American Association of School Librarians
See the top Internet sites for families as selected by the Families Connect Committee of the school librarians association. The site has information about promotional events and other resource ideas for ESP who work with students and families.

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
This advocacy group promotes the involvement of parents and families in their children's education while fostering relationships between home, school, and community. It provides an extensive listing of resources and partner organizations (see gray box mid-page).

National Association of School Nurses
From the organization that calls itself the "voice of expert information on school health" comes a  Web site with information on school health programs, health services, and news about school nursing.

Higher Education

There are more than 300 job categories of ESP positions in higher education, most of which are included in the following nine job groups: paraeducators, clerical services, custodial and maintenance services, transportation services, food services, skilled trade services, health and student services, security services, and technical services.

National Clearinghouse Educational Facilities
Custodial issues and procedures on college campuses and K-12 school buildings are the focus of more than 50 Web links, books, and journal articles. Topics on maintenance staffing guidelines, building needs assessment, and training are also featured.

Career InfoNet
Compare wages for ESP-like occupations in various metropolitan areas across the country. Use key words to compare earnings offered in your location with those in other areas of the country.

American Safety and Health Institute
This organization provides training programs for health and therapy specialists through more than 4,000 training centers. It offers different levels of membership, leadership, and networking opportunities.   


This group of instructional and noninstructional support staff include: teachers' and program aides, library aides, technicians, preschool care givers, monitors (building, bus, and playground), crossing guards, and nonmanagerial supervisors.

National Clearinghouse for Paraeducator Resources
This national clearinghouse for paraeducators features professional development resources, classroom project ideas, and news articles. While geared for ethnic minorities, the Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research at the University of Southern California offers a broad range of materials.

National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals
This non-profit organization addresses policy questions, provides technical assistance, and shares information about school management practices, regulatory procedures, and training models. Located at Utah State University in Logan, it also strives to improve the recruitment, deployment, supervision, and career development of paraeducators.

Nature of Work and Working Conditions
This Job Banks USA site provides job listings and background on the work of paraeducators. See "Nature of Work," "Working Conditions," as well as information about training, education requirements, and the national job outlook at the bottom half of the page, past the advertisements.

Security Services

This group includes guards, school resource officers, security workers, police, and nonmanagerial supervisors.

Assessing School Security Needs
The fundamentals of assessing school security needs, identifying hostile students, and taking preventative measures to ensure school safety are presented. This site features short reports on topics of current interest to educators.

The National Association of School Resource Officers
This non-profit organization for school based law enforcement officers, school administrators, and school security/safety professionals works to protect students, school faculty and staff. Featured concepts and programs are adaptable to most schools.

Computer Security Tips
Use these seven tips from Microsoft to help protect student and school computers from viruses, hackers, spyware, and other attacks. Additional safety tips are provided under "Related Links" in gray box on left side of page.

Skilled Trades Services

This group includes electricians, carpenters, painters and glaziers, heating and ventilation specialists, air conditioning mechanics, machine operators, assemblers, inspectors, printing services personnel, nonmanagerial supervisors.

Apprenticeships Defined
The 50 most frequently asked questions about apprenticeships are listed at this site. Learn about apprenticeship qualifications, certification programs, salaries, and other career-related information.

Résumé Writing for ESP
Learn how to market your skills through writing. This site provides writing tips for trade professionals that can generate more interviews and higher salaries. Résumé writing books and Web sites are also listed.

Social Security Calculator
This calculator is designed to let you see your personal stake in the Social Security system. Most ESP trade jobs are listed. The calculator will show how much you are likely to pay in Social Security taxes and what you are likely to receive in benefits.

Technical Services

This group includes computer operators and programmers, systems analysts and data processing specialists, media and public relations specialists, writers, editors, designers, photographers, graphic artists, audiovisual and language technicians, science and mechanical and language technicians, nonmanagerial supervisors.

Handling Media Relations
The Media Relations section of the Broward County Public Schools Web site provides information on writing press releases, handling school crisis situations, and "quick tips." A 16-section presentation explores in-depth the relationship between journalists and public school public relations personnel.

International Society for Technology in Education
This nonprofit organization strives to improve teaching and learning by advancing the effective use of technology in K-12 education. Browse this site for information, networking opportunities, and guidance regarding incorporating computers, the Internet, and other new technologies into schools.

Transportation Services

This group includes employees/workers involved in transportation and delivery services, and vehicle maintenance: bus drivers, truck and van drivers, vehicle mechanics, garage workers, and non-managerial supervisors.

National Association for Pupil Transportation
NAPT promotes the efficient transportation of students through local, state, and national government initiatives. Its 400,000 members are dedicated to student safety and grassroots activism. 

Related Links

NEA Information for ESP members -- This area of the NEA Web site includes issues and news, professional development opportunities, jobs, and NEA resources for Education Support Professionals.