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NEA’s Leadership Agenda

NEA’s Leadership Agenda is about the identification, development, and deployment of educator leaders who are focused on student learning, responsible for quality professional practice, and committed to the core values of the NEA.  Too often, Leadership in the NEA context has meant preparing members to take on formal roles within the Association at the local, state, and national level.  Outside the NEA context, Leadership has too often been defined as a narrow set of roles for teachers and other educators in school governance.  Neither of these definitions tell the whole story of what is means to lead a student-centered Association and lead the education professions.  The NEA has already expanded this definition of leadership and developed a range of programs and initiatives to develop educators within three frames of Next Generation Leadership:

  • Instructional Leadership:  Leading to improve student learning and professional practice;
  • Policy Leadership:  Leading to impact education and social policy that supports quality teaching and learning;
  • Union Leadership:  Leading to build the next generation of a strong, unified, and student-centered education association.

To address development within these frames of education leadership, the NEA is building pipelines on two related but separate paths:

  • Association leaders who are prepared to “lead the profession” and organize members around a student-centered, professional improvement agenda.
  • Education leaders who may never have a formal role in the Association but who are leading efforts to improve professional practice and who are deeply committed to the core values of the Association and union engagement.

This NEXT GENERATION LEADER  works collaboratively – both within and outside the Association – to co-create solutions designed to shape the future of education, improve student learning, achieve educational equity, enhance professional practice and the quality of professionals, and advance successful solutions that drive national, state and district level policies.

NEA new Leadership Competencies are designed to guide the NEA, its affiliates, and its members in developing learning opportunities to ensure that emerging next generation leaders have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to lead education professions and the union.  The NEA Leadership Agenda incorporates a range of strategies including:  Common Core-centered instructional support; local leadership development; networking educators to learn from one another; innovative partnerships with a range of organizations; and funding innovative, Association-led efforts to improve educator practice and student learning.

NEA Leadership Initiatives

2014 NEA Leadership Summits: To expose leaders and prospective leaders to the NEA Leadership Competencies and create a new leadership development paradigm within the Association that will embed these Competencies into all leadership development pipelines.  To re-set expectations for leadership journey/pathway and the importance of rejuvenating leadership.

NEA’s Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI):  To establish a comprehensive teacher leadership year-long pilot project and fully implement six cohorts of TLI candidates in six affiliates:  Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Colorado, Iowa, and Arizona.  The TLI is a comprehensive year-long curriculum, a leadership capstone project, and a leadership assessment.

ESP’s Leaders for Tomorrow: To identify, train, develop, and deploy the next generation of ESP leaders across the nation to prepare them for Goal 2 leadership. 

Elevating ESP Careers:  To identify, develop and implement strategies that enable ESPs to elevate their careers and lead the professions, building support for all educators working together to meet the needs of all students.

NEA’s Pre-RA Leadership Symposium:  Deliver a first-of-its-kind Pre-RA event that will attract at least 1,000 RA delegates and 1,000 Goal 2 Leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue and plan of action to advance NEA’s Goal 2 Agenda.

NEA/BetterLesson Master Teacher Project:  Provide an exciting learning opportunity for teachers transitioning to the Common Core State Standards and to provide recognition and professional opportunities to exceptional teachers across the country.  Over 3,000 Common Core-aligned lessons have been developed by about 100 Master Teacher NEA members.

NEA’s Common Core Workgroup:  Empower and equip our members to advocate for implementing the common core state standards with fidelity; strengthen their professional practice to ensure they can deliver deeper instruction in the context of the new standards and the required shifts; ensure that educators are provided the resources and time to collaborate regarding their practice, and assessment of student work.

NEA/TeachPlus Future of the Profession Fellowships:  Provide58 teachers and NEA members an exciting year-long program to gain a foundation in education policy, research, and best practices from around the nation and to provide recognition and professional opportunities to early career teachers (years 3 -10).

The NEA GPS Network:  To provide an online network and resource tool that engages NEA members, partners and community in collaborating to improve public education and promote student success.