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NCLB Stories: Idaho


"Canfield Middle School has some of the highest test scores in the state, yet we are in AYP jail. Statistically, it comes down to two or three special education students who, although they made fantastic growth, did not reach proficiency. Because of that, the entire school is considered a failure. There is absolutely no reason, except for an arbitrary formula made up by someone who hasn't been in the classroom in years that Canfield should be labeled a failure.

"This law needs to be restructured; it's a failure. I am all for accountability, but NCLB is punishment."

Kristi Nivette
Sixth Grade Teacher
CDA School District #271
Hayden, Idaho


"Since NCLB has come into existence, we have had to go from teaching a full curriculum to a scripted curriculum aimed at the ISAT testing in our state. We are a rural school that is ninety percent Latino and 100 percent free and reduced lunch; we are also a whole school designated as Title I.

"These funds have to go toward keeping test scores up in the designated curricula and not toward our most at-need students, which includes our ESL's, who have to take the tests in English even when they have not been in our school for a year."

Larry Taylor
Elementary School Teacher
Caldwell, Idaho


"Each year our school at Nezperce, Idaho, raises the amount that has to be given to the taxpayers in an override levy to support our schools. The rising costs of fuel and heating bills soar, yet the amount that schools are getting remains about the same. Last year, Nezperce School cut $95,000 from our budgets through staff cuts. This is a huge amount of money for a small rural school. Many schools are going to a four-day school week.

"I do not mind mandates as long as they are funded, but schools cannot continue to fund the rising costs of technology and testing without more help. Our students deserve the best education we can afford. We have to speak for our children and students to ensure they receive the best quality education!"

Kim Uhlorn
Fourth Grade Teacher
Nezperce #302
Culdesac, Idaho