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NCLB Stories: New Hampshire

"I have watched as my colleagues have been reduced to tears; I have gone to emergency medical visits; and I have listened as they have verbalized their weakening faith in the leaders of this country. Many have had to re-do their highly qualified process six times due to administrative inefficiency.

"These are veteran teachers with 24 to 34 years of experience, who are now planning to retire from our profession earlier than originally planned.

"Not only can we not afford to lose new and emerging teachers and educational professionals, we equally cannot afford to lose our most qualified staff, with untold years of expertise and experience and who are highly qualified teachers, mentors, and professionals. To be told in your 34th year of service that you are not highly qualified, according to current standards, is an embarrassment to our entire history and the future of public education."

Maxine Mosley
Middle School Counselor
Manchester, New Hampshire