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NCLB Stories: Tennessee


“ESEA is causing more and more children to be left behind by placing mountains of paperwork on special education teachers who must give a one-on-one alternative test to students with major learning disabilities.

"Rather than giving this test, teachers need to be teaching their students one on one to help them each achieve their individual goals. Regular classroom teachers feel trapped into having to teach their students only those skills that will be tested, rather than being allowed to assess each child's needs and then teach what is needed for each child to be successful.”

Linda Delaney
Intermediate School Principal
Knox County
Powell, Tennessee


“Due to the mandates of ESEA, we are experiencing families who are moving to other neighborhoods to find a 'better school.' Every school should be a great school. Now these two schools are significantly overcrowded, and students do not feel the community of their own school in their own neighborhood.

"With the overcrowding, students cannot get the attention they need from teachers. Help us help children by enacting legislation that makes it financially possible to have quality education in every school.”

Sandy Hughes
Hamilton County Education Association President and Former High School Teacher
Chattanooga, Tennessee


“NCLB is like a one-size-fits-all dress made for women who range from a size 4 to a size 2x; the dress looks right on the woman who wear a size 2x, but when the woman who wears a size 4 or size 8 puts on that dress, it falls off her shoulders.

"NCLB and the one-size-fits-all dress will need to be altered to fit all consumers.”

Mildred L. Taylor
High School Biology Teacher
Memphis City
Memphis, Tennessee