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Winter Worksite Campaign

What is the Winter Worksite Campaign?

The Winter Worksite Campaign (formerly Winter Listening Tour) aims to invest in local affiliates around the nation to drive continued recruitment and retention. In order to continue the momentum of the New Educator Campaign, NEA and our state affiliates will partner to improve the worksite leadership structures in targeted locals, thus ensuring that every potential member identified during the  New Educator Campaign receives a follow-up 1:1 conversation. Between January 15th and April 1, our locals will build growth and strength through NEA’s investment in durable capacity.

The goal of this work is to re-engage with prospects identified in the New Ed campaign, help locals build capacity and strengthen the bond between members and the Association as well as between locals and the National. Those that participate should be primed to lead on state and national issues moving forward.

How will locals be selected?
NEA will present each affiliate New Ed Campaign Team with an objective, weighted report that accounts for multiple factors; including membership density data, New Ed card collection, Aspiring Educator Alumni potential members, expiring collective bargaining contracts, and five-year moderate membership drop trends. Each state will have the opportunity to submit up to four locals by November 30th with final notification of selection by December 15th.

What does the program look like in practice?
The selected Locals will deepen their worksite structures through tangible organizing skills development. Components will include, but are not limited to, natural leader identification, worksite mapping, comprehensive assessments, the development of local member organizing committees, and 1:1 trainings for association representatives. Most importantly, it will include a thorough analysis of the local’s New Educator data which can lead to union-led professional learning activities and the identification of organizing opportunities to build the Local’s power in the district. Ultimately, these locals will have a deeper knowledge of utilizing data to engage new educators in their district and build membership density through 1:1 member-to-member recruitment.

What’s Next? Key Dates
November 13, 2018:  New Ed Debrief/ Winter Worksite Rollout to State Presidents
November 19, 2018:  State Executive Director Webinar
November 27-28, 2018: New Ed Stage 3 Meeting (New Orleans, LA)
November 30,2018:  State Deadline to submit list of four targeted locals due to NEA
December 15, 2018:  NEA notified state affiliates of local selection status
January 7, 2019: List of Locals due              
January  21, 2019:  NEA notifies state of local selection
January 31, 2019:  Local MOUs submitted from state affiliates

How to Participate
Please use this form to submit the top four locals from the list of targeted locals in each state that you think would best benefit from participating in the Winter Worksite Campaign. While NEA cannot guarantee final selection targeting, we are fully committed to acting as thought partners on


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