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Minority Community Organizing & Partnerships

Minority Community Organizing & Partnerships

In Support of Common Issues in Public Education

In Support of Common Issues in Public Education

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MCOP Grants

Minority Community Organizing and Partnerships Grant:
The NEA-Minority Community Organizing and Partnerships (MCOP) grants are intended to assist local affiliates identify, engage, and mobilize minority community organizations and community leaders of color around increasing student achievement, engaging members who have participated in leadership trainings, and creating union roles to build capacity to engage community partners.


The National Education Association has a long, proud history of advocating for its members
NEA members believe that every child in the United States deserves a quality education, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, or immigration status.
Despite classroom gains made over the last several years, gaps in academic achievement persist.
NEA's Ethnic Minority Caucuses and their participation in the NEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee represents the interests and issues of their communities.
The face of American public education is rapidly changing. Today, ethnic minority students comprise nearly 40 percent of the population in our nation's schools.

The face of American public education is rapidly changing.

Today, ethnic minority students comprise nearly 40 percent of the population in our nation's schools. During the next 20 years, that figure may well reach 50 percent.

As the number of ethnic minority students increases, so do the challenges they face. Substantial gaps in achievement exist. Many attend schools that face the greatest educational, economic, and social challenges.

If we are to preserve and advance America's public schools, we must meet the needs of these children, support ethnic minority community commitment to public education, work collaboratively to improve the quality of their schools, and assure all children the education they need and deserve.

Every child deserves a quality education—regardless of race or ethnicity. Yet despite gains in recent years, significant gaps in academic achievement and opportunity remain for many racial and ethnic groups. NEA is working with partners and allies for:

  • Adequate and equitable school funding

  • Smaller classes

  • Increased teacher diversity and salaries

  • Improved curricula

  • Better programs for English language learners

  • Enhanced parental involvement

NEA and communities are working to ensure great public schools for every child.

Through Minority Community Outreach, NEA aspires to:

  • Strengthen relationships with current partners representing ethnic minority communities, and initiate new partnerships and/or projects around education and other issues of mutual interest.

  • Establish partnerships with ethnic minority communities to develop strategies to close the gaps in student achievement.

  • Develop and implement, in collaboration with community partners, an education campaign to challenge attacks on public education such as vouchers, privatization, and tuition tax credits.

  • In collaboration with community partners, advocate for sound public policy at the state, local, and national levels to reduce class size; secure adequate wages for teachers and education support professionals; promote programs that assist disadvantaged and English language learners; and address other critical issues.

Learn more about the work of educator activists in the fight for racial, social and economic justice in public education:


Brochure: Minority Community Organizing and Partnerships (PDF)

Brochure en espanol: Minority Community Organizing and Partnerships (PDF)

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