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Better Science Teaching At Many Levels In Boston

The Boston Science Partnership is teaching all levels from sixth grade through university professors.

Sixth through 12th graders can take lab enrichment programs, field trips, and prep for Advanced Placement (AP)tests. University professors can learn how to be more effective teachers. And K-12 teachers have a wide range of programs open to them, including “contextualized content courses” which are graduate level but relevant to the curriculum teachers work with every day.

Boston students have improved their scores on the Massachusetts state test much more than students state-wide. And AP science course enrollment has tripled while the pass rate on AP tests has gone up.

The number of licensed physics teachers has doubled.

The main partners are the Boston Public Schools, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston. There are also three supporting partners, Harvard Medical School, Roxbury Community College, and the College Board.

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