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Service Learning Resources

Found In: Teaching Strategies

See how NEA's Service Learning Resources can help your students become civic superstars.

Service Learning Gets a Boost
How a new service-learning component will be another way to engage kids and close the achievement gaps.

Water World
Phillipe Cousteau takes the plunge into environmental service learning.

Service Learning and Innovation in Columbus OH
"Education for Citizenship": the official motto for Ohio State University inspires educators to walk the walk. 

First Day Jitters and Service Learning in the Buckeye State
NEA President Dennis Van Roekel's play-by-play of his tour of Ohio schools celebrating the power of service learning. 

Bringing the Inside Out and the Outside In
There is no single “right way” to do service learning, but it must fit both the learning needs of the student and the service needs of the community.

Making the Connection
Service-learning links curriculum to the real world.


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