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Environmental Curriculum (Think Earth)

Found in: science; preK-2; 3-5, 6-8; 9-12

Since the 1990s, Think Earth’s Environmental Curriculum has taught the importance of a healthy environment and what students can do to conserve resources, reduce waste, and minimize pollution. The print K-9 curriculum is now being revised, aligned with standards, and offered free online. The grades 6-7 units will be available by the end of 2016 and the grades 4 and 5 units in 2017. The website requires registration.

All curriculum units provide a teacher’s Guide, posters, exercises, videos, songs, and other curriculum resources. All units are correlated to Common Core State Standards, NextGen Science Standards, and McREL Online Standards Compendium. Unit standards are available on Think Earth Standards Correlation Charts. For each unit, separate sections can be downloaded (hi-res or low-res) in PDF format, or in the case of videos and audios, streamed or downloaded as MP3s. In addition, an entire unit’s materials can be downloaded in one very large file.

The Kindergarten curriculum emphasizes the conservation of trees and other resources. Practice Exercise 1: What Things Are Made From Trees? ( PDF 533 KB, 1 pg.) is used at the end of Lesson 2: Learning About Trees. Students identify objects that are made from trees and draw lines connecting them to the central tree. Then, they draw another item they believe is made from trees in the empty circle.

The First Grade curriculum defines what the natural environment is, how we use natural resources to make products, why we shouldn’t waste natural resources, and how we can conserve natural resources. The Teacher’s Guide  (PDF 4.7 MB, 44 pgs.) provides five lessons. In Lesson Five: Practicing Think Earth Behaviors, students identify behaviors that conserve natural resources. At the end of the lesson, they use role-play cards to demonstrate their understanding.

The Second Grade curriculum emphasizes reducing solid waste, reusing or repairing products, and recycling materials.

The Third Grade curriculum emphasizes reducing pollution.


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