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The Teacher-Friendly Guides to the Earth Science of the United States

Found in: science; social studies; 6-8; 9-12

Products of the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), The Teacher-Friendly Guides to the Earth Science of the United States provide regional background information for grade 6-9 earth science and social studies teachers to incorporate into existing curriculums. The guides address climate change. Choose from one of six multi-state regions. (A seventh, the Southwest, is coming soon.) Each broader region is further divided into smaller zones based on natural geological divisions. Illustrated chapters can be downloaded for free. Complete color copies in binders can be purchased for some regions. Each online guide has a menu for accessing separate sections. See How to Use These Guides for more information.

A representative guide is the Midwest. Midwest opens with suggestions for using the guide and a discussion of the big ideas of earth science. Topics covered are geologic history, rocks, topics, topography, mineral resources, glaciers, energy, soils, climate, earth hazards, and real & virtual fieldwork. The guide also includes an appendix, glossary, a bibliography of general resources, and a download page. Each chapter has sections for separate zones. In the case of the Midwest, sections cover the Superior Upland, Central Lowland, and Inland Basin. The section on Fossils has a general introduction, section coverage, state fossil (if there is one), and specific fossil resources. For Fossils, the resources are all print, but other sections also provide links to Internet resources. Online illustrations and maps can be enlarged.

The PRI also offers a Guide to Evolution and Evolution of Maize.


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