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The Center for Health and the Global Environment

Found in: health & phys ed; science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Lesson Plans & Activities for grades K-12 in four topic areas: biodiversity and human health; climate, energy, and health; healthy oceans; and healthy and sustainable food. In addition, Tools for Teaching includes articles, brochures, visuals, videos, multimedia under the same headings, and an ask an expert service for questions that relate to human health and the topic areas. Resources can be browsed, filtered by topic and grade level, or searched by title. Lessons list standards.

In Food Groups Galore, ( PDF, 1.4 MB, 6 pgs) K-5 students are introduced to food groups and explore the nutritional aspects of balanced diets. Color food group images are included. In a follow-up lesson, A Blank Plate, ( PDF 641 KB, 4 pgs.) students keep a food journal to record what they eat and drink and then apply what they learned about food groups to analyze their eating habits.

In What Is The Problem With Overfishing?, ( PDF 174 KB, 3 pgs.) grade 5-8 students learn how overfishing damages the marine environment as they participate in the "Game of Life" activity. In What Can Individuals Do?, ( PDF 155 KB, 3 pgs.) students reflect on consumer culture’s impact on the oceans and learn how individuals can reduce the negative impacts.

Videos feature 19 shorts that fall under the topic headings. Once Upon A Tide (9:52) is about a girl who journeys to break a spell that has caused people to forget about the ocean and its importance. The film combines live action and animation. Although tagged elementary/middle school, it would probably be more successful with K-4. Once Upon A Tide is available in English and Spanish. In The Bio Da Versity Code, (5:26) Prof. Robert Penguin, uncovers a secret protected by a society called the Priory of Species. The short explains that human health depends on the preservation of species.

Teachers can sign up on Get News and Updates to stay informed about upcoming professional development events and new education resources and to get the latest news and research related to global environmental health.


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