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found in: science; 9-12

EarthLabs presents Earth and environmental science concepts (grade 9-12) with data analysis activities, satellite imagery and computer visualizations, and hands-on experiments to illustrate Earth system processes. EarthLabs provides student and educator versions of nine online units that can augment regular curriculum. Topics covered include climate and the cryosphere, biosphere, and carbon cycle; corals; drought; fisheries; and hurricanes. See EarthLabs Topics for unit overviews.

One unit is Climate Detectives.  In the unit, students conduct hands-on lab activities, watch videos, analyze data from a 2013 expedition to Alaska, consult maps and graphs, explore online interactives, discuss ideas with classmates, and gather evidence to determine when major climate events occurred in the past, and how those events effect climate changes today, and in the future. Climate Detectives features six labs. Lab Overviews  outlines the material covered in each.

In Lab 5, (Geologic) Timing is Everything! develop a sense of geologic time by creating one timeline that marks major geologic and biological events over Earth’s 4.6 billion year history and another timeline for the 23 million year span of sedimentation and climate change the expedition focused on. In the readings, mouse over highlighted terms to get a precise definition. Embedded videos are followed by Stop and Think questions. Reading sections are followed by Checking In questions, multiple-choice questions that provide immediate feedback. Lab Procedures link to required materials in PDF format and include Stop and Think questions.

The Educator version of Climate Detectives includes an assessments page, background resources, workshop leader resources, and resources for Lab 5 list supplies and provide PDF handouts.


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