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Global Warming Webquest

found in: science; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Using the Global Warming Webquest, students grades 5-12 learn about global warming and its effects on climate, environment, and society. Students assume the roles of scientists, business leaders, or policy makers and participate in a United Nations climate action team of five (Note: only four roles are listed on this page. Policy Analyst is the fifth. See below) and later as individuals in their roles to investigate issues related to global warming. This page provides an overview and links to student and teacher pdfs as well as other print and video resources.

Teacher's Section includes an introduction, flowchart and pdf worksheets, science standards for middle school and high school, pdf evaluation rubric, and a list of print and internet resources.

Instructions ( PDF, 302 KB, 8 pgs.) include evaluation rubric, lists the more recent Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards and links to Earth Lab: Degrees of Change, which features a climate change mitigation simulator.

Student Page has an introduction and describes the group activity, individual roles, (Note: five roles are discussed here.) and final group activity. Links to information and pdfs are provided. For example, each role has links to information specific to that role.

Webquest ( PDF, 713 KB, 7 pgs.) provides informational links and fact finding sheets with questions for all the team roles. It concludes with a group summary activity.

Note: EPA links are currently down.


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