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Flap to the Future: The Flight Adaptations Game

found in: science; 6-8

Flap to the Future: The Flight Adaptations Game teaches adaptation and evolution as it takes grade 6-8 science students through stages of bird evolution, from their beginnings as small feathered theropods to modern birds with flapping flight. Finally, students get to imagine birds of 100 million years from now. During each level of game play, students help the creatures evolve by finding food, like eggs . The game can be played in English and Spanish. About Flap to the Future provides an outline of the game and interesting facts about the game’s ecosystems. A free poster can be downloaded.

A PDF with activities that supplement game play is available. Teachers must register to download the Flap to the Future Lesson Plan. The download page lists Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards – English Language Arts. The three activities in Jump, Guide, or Fly? Exploring Bird Evolution ( PDF, 1MB, 12 pgs.) (grade 6-8) explore anatomical features in modern birds and dinosaurs, the pros and cons of flight, and flight adaptations. For example, in Activity 3: Create Your Own Bird, students apply their knowledge of adaptations to create a bird well adapted for a future habitat. The PDF supplies links to related Internet resources.


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