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Reaching Difficult Students

Never give up on “those kids.” You can reach them. 

Advice & Support

Merry...? Happy...?

By: Tim Walker

Does teaching about the holidays have you at a loss? See how this time of year is an opportunity to engage elementary-age students in examining religious diversity.

advice & support

Stayin' Alive

NEA Staff

Staying stress-free during the first semester: here are some tried and true tips and ideas to help you make it to the holidays.


new teachers

Rookie Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Bridget Zick, kindergarten teacher, Nevada

Attention new teachers! Just when you think you can't make it through another CAN! And this educator's tips will guide you in ways you may not have considered yet.

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NEA's edCommunities is a place where teachers, parents, school support professionals, and community members share ideas and resources to improve student success. It is free and open to all!


Demanding Support for Claims
Reformers have used and abused misinformation, false claims, exaggerations, and even fabrications ito promote reforms such as high-stakes testing, merit pay, charter schools, Value-Added Model (VAM), and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). Check out these NEA resources to help you demand academic truth.