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National Wildlife Federation - Lesson Plans

More than 1,000 lesson plans designed to introduce students to life science, ecology, wildlife biology, scientific identification and observation. All lesson plans are aligned to the National Science Education Standards.

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To Kill a Mockingbird & Harper Lee

The 2015 publication of Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman”, 55 years after “To Kill a Mockingbird” has renewed interest in both Lee and her immensely popular novel. These resources can add to the discussion in your classroom.

Lesson Plan

Facing History and Ourselves

An online teaching resource designed as a place where students can learn ABOUT histpruy and FROM history by: learning to choose knowledge over misinformation; compassion over prejudice or bullying; and participation over indifference or resignation.

Lesson Plan; Professional Development Course

National Gallery of Art: Teachers

Bring art to your classroom with these lessons, activities, and interactives! Also browse teacher workshops and other professional development opportunities.

Background Reading; Lesson Plan; Multimedia; Professional Development Course

Michael Rosen

Award-winning author Michael Rosen says says the best way to teach poetry is just enjoy reading it together with students. Use the resources on his web site to turn your learners into poets and poetry lovers!

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These lessons and videos about Dalton Trumble are an excellent means to teach McCarthy-era history through the tribulations and triumphs of an American artist/filmmaker who stood his ground, Grades 9-12

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K-12 Student Interactives

A prolific collection of interactive resources for K-12 across the curriculum. From lessons to homework help to professional development, this resource is an educator's must have.

Lesson Plan; Multimedia; Professional Development Course

CIESE K-12 Curricula

A prolific collection of challenging STEM, language arts, and social studies lesson plans and projects for K-12 learners.

Lesson Plan

Teaching With The News

The Choices Program's Teaching with the News initiative provides online curriculum materials and lessons to connect the content of your classroom to the headlines in the news. Topics cover a range of foreign policy and international issues.

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Luminarium & Quotidiana

A growing resource for teaching Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, and Restoration literature with more specific sections for religious writers, Renaissance drama, Metaphysical and Cavalier poets.

Background Reading; Lesson Plan

The Great Depression for Kids

An excellent complement for social studies lessons on The Great Depression with age-appropriate and kid-centric stories of struggle and survival. Recommended for grades 4 and up. Extra resources are listed here also.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality

A visually engaging history with five chapters on elixirs and other magical substances, immortals, magical places, what science is discovering today, and what futurists project for tomorrow.

Background Reading

Noah Webster

Two books about the life and legacy of the man who gave us the dictionary along with several word-related resources provide excellent additions to your K-12 language arts and and social studies curriculum.

Article; Background Reading; Lesson Plan

Underground Railroad Digital Classroom

With a prolific set of resources, this web site is devoted to finding new and creative ways for understanding the story of the coming of the American Civil War. For arts and social studies learners in grades K-12.

Lesson Plan

History of the West K–12 Lesson Plans

These resources examine the effects of technology, the experiences of Native Americans, African American cowboys, women, the actions of government and big business, immigration; the environment, and more on the settlement and history of the American West.

Lesson Plan

Wildlife Lesson Plans

Your K-5 learners explore wildlife, health & wellness, and food waste with these standards-based lesson plans.

Lesson Plan; Professional Development Course

Reading & Writing In The Disciplines

Middle and high school teachers: Gain insight into how to support your students' literacy skills while meeting content goals with these resources.

Lesson Plan; Professional Development Course

Zoom In!

Empower your middle school learners to think deeply and write critially about pivotal moments in United States history with these free resources.

Lesson Plan; Multimedia

Teaching About the 2016 Summer Olympics

Lesson, activities, and background information for teaching about the Summer 2016 Olympic Games

Lesson Plan

Great Big Story Freebie

"Great Big Story" is a prolific library of short videos that can be used by 6-12 teachers to supplement any subject area. Created by fillmakers and gathered from more than 75 countries, this is a great resource to complement your curriculae.


4 Teachers

4 Teachers integrates technology with online tools and resources. Games for students develop skills in math, languages arts, and more. Professional development resources address equity, ELL, planning, and at-risk or special needs students.

Article; Professional Development Course

GetFitTN: Lesson Ideas

Developed to help combat Tennessee’s rising incidence of Type 2 diabetes, these lesson plans can help you incorporate physical activity into every subject.

Lesson Plan


The PictureSTEM Project includes instructional units for K-2 classrooms that use an engineering challenge and picture books as supports for learning science, mathematics, engineering, computational thinking, and reading.

Lesson Plan; Printable

Learn: The Poetry Foundation

"Begin in delight, end in wisdom" is Learn's motto. Learn is The Poetry Foundation’s revised and expanded set of resources for K-12 students, parents, and teachers of poetry.

Article; Lesson Plan; Multimedia

ArtsNow Learning

ArtsNow wants to help you integrate the arts and innovative practices into your curriculum with these professional development and teacher resources.

Lesson Plan; Professional Development Course