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Hurricane Season

Peak hurricane season is late summer. With these lessons, activities, and multimedia resources for all grades, learn how hurricanes form, how hurricanes are tracked, and how hurricane size and intensity are affected by global warming.

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Hurricane Season, Grades 9-12

With these lessons, activities, and multimedia resources for grades 9-12, learn how hurricanes form, how hurricanes are tracked, and how hurricane size and intensity are affected by global warming.

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Watching the Summer Night Sky

Brush up your stargazing skills and get ready to enjoy humankind's first TV, the night sky with these science lessons, activities & curriculum resources for all grade levels.

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Watching the Summer Night Sky, Grades 9-12

Brush up your stargazing skills and get ready to enjoy humankind's first TV, the night sky with these science lessons, activities & curriculum resources for grades 9-12.

Themed Package

The Learning Scientists

The Learning Scientists are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Their vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators.

Article; Multimedia

Never Lost: Polynesian Navigation

Navigation, or wayfinding, is the subject of the Exploratorium website Never Lost: Polynesian Navigation. Find ideas for projects and activities in social studies, language arts, science, art, and math.


Monarch Butterfly Migration

Follow the 2012 monarch migration and report your own monarch sightings on the Monarch Butterfly Migration: Journey North website. You and your students can help scientists understand how climate and seasons affect monarchs.

Background Reading; Lesson Plan; Multimedia

Climate Education Modules

These resources are designed to help educators understand climate, climate change, and weather concepts and to be able to incorporate them into their course curriculum.

Background Reading; Multimedia; Printable

STEM Resources

Our editors combed the World Wide Web for the best science, technology, engineering & mathematics resources for teachers of grades preK-12.

Lesson Plan; Multimedia; Printable

Cult of Pedagogy

Cult of Pedagogy is a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence. It's run by a team of educators who are, in their words, 'committed to making you more awesome in the classroom'.

Background Reading; Multimedia; Professional Development Course

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Bring the learning opportunities of the Smithsonian into your classroom with this dynamic website. Discover, create and share the prolific K-12 resources in the Smithsonian Learning lab.


Inside Science

Inside Science provides reliable science news that can be used to support lessons in grade 6-12 classrooms. Browse resources under these headings: creature; culture; Earth; human; physics; space; sports; technology.

Background Reading; Lesson Plan; Multimedia

Environmental Justice (K-12 Lesson Plans)

Compiled for Duke University’s Environmental Justice Workshops held in 2012, these K-12 lesson plans explore privilege, poverty, consumption, access to nutritious food, pollution, and sustainability.

Lesson Plan

Multimedia Gallery

Explore interactives, videos, images, and more for k-12 science learners in Koshland Science Museum's Multimedia Gallery

Lesson Plan; Multimedia

K-12 InVenture

InVenture challenges students to identify real-world problems and design solutions through analysis, creativity, and the scientific method. It also strives to broaden participation in STEM by bringing authentic experiences to K-12 students and teachers.


Interactive Plasma Physics Experience

5-12 science learners explore the exciting world of fusion science through these fun educational resources. They'll journey inside a plasma-confining tokamak, control plasma experiments online, use the physics modules, and more!

Lesson Plan; Multimedia

Cooper Hewitt Lesson Plans

From the Smithsonian Design Museum, the Educator Resource Center at Cooper Hewitt offers extended K-12 lesson plans in all subject areas. Browse, search, and sort!

Lesson Plan

Ocean Networks

The state of our oceans is an important indicator of the overall health of the planet. These classroom and lab activities can supplement K-12 science curriculae supporting ocean and global health.

Lesson Plan; Multimedia

Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week is October 14-20, 2018, and the theme is "Earth as Inspiration'. Here is a prolific set of resources designed to engage students in exploring the relationship between the arts and the Earth systems.

Lesson Plan

K-12 Soil Science Teacher Resources

DIg into the basic basics of soil! These k-12 resources offer lessons and activities showing how the earth depends on soil as the primary source of food, feed, fuel, forage, and fiber.

Eggs in Schools

The American Egg Board’s Eggs in Schools serves up Pre-K-12 language arts, math, science, nutrition, and cooking lessons, activities, games, videos, and facts about hens and eggs.

Lesson Plan; Multimedia

DEEPEND Consortium

DEEPEND Consortium investigates deep-pelagic communities in the Gulf of Mexico to assess recovery following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Here you will find resources and activities for K-12 science based on the consortium’s findings.

The Burgess Shale

Here's a spectacular fossil record of soft-bodied life from 500 million years ago, 200 million years before dinosaurs! This website provides supplementary resources for K-12 science teachers and students and includes lesson, video, images and more!

Lesson Plan; Multimedia

Earth Rangers

These hands-on, cross-curricular resources include outdoor activities, in-class experiments, and school-wide projects that will engage your students to connect with nature and wildlife in an interactive way based on inquiry-based learning.

Lesson Plan


Here's a web site that provides games and interactives for grade 6-12 science and technology learners that foster authentic scientific exploration. Your students can conduct investigations by analyzing the same data that scientists use

Lesson Plan; Multimedia