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Engage Students’ Interest with Images
When it comes to grabbing attention via all forms of media, image is everything. Use this tip to help boost your learners' interest in current events.
Encouraging Students To Read More
Engaging Confrontational Students
When it comes to successfully dealing with defiant students, there really is a list of Dos and Don'ts. An educator who works on the front line of extraordinary classroom management challenges spells it all out for you here.
Effective Whiteboard Erasers
Keeping the whiteboard eraser clean is a dirty job. But it doesn't have to be. See how this educator's tip can save you some time and money during classroom cleanup!
Ensuring Accountability When Grading Group Projects
Teaching teamwork can be a challenge, but this educator's tip fosters working together for the greater good where it counts the most - their grades.
Engaging ELL Parents
Communicating with ELL parents can be a huge challenge. See how this educator bridges the language barrier with time and technology.
Engaging Parents Who Don’t Speak English
Ms. Nicole doesn’t let language barriers get in the way of fostering good communication with parents. She how she adapts proven parent engagement strategies for non-native speakers.
End-of-the-Year Survey
Expectations for Individuals in Small Groups
Ms. Ortiz found that students didn’t always learn well when working in small groups, until she discovered a simple strategy that keeps each member of the group better focused and more engaged.
Easy Button Rewards
Ms. Goss builds community and motivates her class by allowing students to push her buttons – her Easy Button that is. Read more about how her students look for opportunities to shine and to recognize each other’s achievements.
Encouraging Parents to Read with their Children
Judy B., a retired teacher, encourages parents to read along with their children and offers guidance on reading techniques such as character voices, shared paragraph reading and making plot predictions.
Emotional Book Club
This year, I created a counseling book club. We read books that have a message to which the group members can relate. For example...
Easy Transitioning for Little Ones
You’ve finished one activity, but before you can start the next one a few students are already straggling about. Ms. Postman has six suggestions to help you shepherd young students from one activity to the next quickly and easily.
Easy Updated Seating Charts
When I make or update my seating chart, I use the software aplication...
Easy Chocolate Gift
Ms. Junkin, a food and nutrition teacher, has an idea for holiday a gift. Without making promises about calories, we can say that it is fast (only 5 minutes of baking), easy (only a few ingredients) and delicious (trust us).
Electronic Parent Contacts
Beth loves her mobile device. She can synch it to her computer to type notes and contact information for easier tracking. She downloads and prints her notes before meetings. Read more about how this tiny technical tool can help you stay organized too.
End-of-the-Year Activity
With this fun letter-writing activity, Ms. Ryan’s students reinforce writing skills they learned throughout the year and establish connections with students in other classes.
Encouraging Reluctant Readers
Movie trailers make us excited about what we want to see next. Why not get your students excited about what book to read next in that same way? Learn how Ms. Endara piques her students’ interest and gets them excited to choose their next book.
Early Options
Do you have students who finish early and need something to do? Ms. Buckman has suggestions for keeping them productive and busy without disturbing the rest of the class.
Easy Bulletin Board Backgrounds
Bulletin board paper can be tough to work with. Ms. Thompson has a better, more fun way to make your bulletin boards pop with color.
Tracking Classroom Supplies
Learn what Ms. Hanson does to make tracking depleted classroom supplies a breeze. She suggests an easy way to record and manage a list throughout the year, so replacing supplies eliminates guesswork and mistakes.
Echo Me, Please
Echo Me, Please is a very useful tool for directing everyone's attention to you. You teach the students that whenever you say 'Echo me, please' they are to say it right back to you the same way you sa...
Education Association Members' Concerns
I work to improve my work with adults, just as I do with students. I feel it is important that I give our association building reps a chance to share issues that are important to them. At the beginnin...
Adopt an Acre of Rainforest
Prep for Earth Day with this project-based activity in which students learn about the effects of deforestation and educate others in the community. Does your class want to adopt an acre?
Efficient and Effective Grading
There will always be papers in our grading boxes, but Kathy found that creating a variety of assignments and varying their lengths helps tremendously to cut down on the work. She shares two of her favorites.
Effort Grades
Ms. Premo shares her technique for recording the effort and activities of her 500 art students. Her detailed coding system gives her more to share with parents other than the generic S for Satisfactory.
Egg Carton Multiplication
If you’re looking for more math games, here’s a fun way your students can practice multiplication facts with only a Ping-Pong ball and an empty egg carton. Help your students bounce their way to multiplication success.
Egg Hunt Review
Students create multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank review questions for all subjects. Parent volunteers stuff plastic eggs with these questions and hide them outside. Students work with a partner to find the eggs and answer the questions.
Egg-citing Egg Math
Ms. Shackelford cuts egg cartons into ten holes to estimate, count, tally, and sort plastic eggs. Learn how she extends this lesson to the grocery store and helps her students become savvy shoppers. She culminates her egg unit with an egg hunt.
Monthly bulletin boards can be time-consuming. Last September, I hung a poster of Albert Einstein and his quote 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' Each following month, I altered the post...
El Zippo Moving Game
Mrs. Cochran plays an active review game with her class. Her students write the questions and answers, and then quiz each other. As students answer questions correctly, they move about the classroom switching seats with each other and the teacher.
Electing Our President
In order to help prepare for our school’s mock election, I read Nancy Gills’ book, Electing Our President, which was very helpful to me. Students became representatives of the actual presidential cand...
Electronic Pen Pals
Our first and fourth grade students are electronic pen pals. The students are each assigned a buddy to correspond with through email. They exchange letters, questions and responses. The result has bee...
Electronic Reading Group
It's Right-To-Read Month at our school and in addition to many student activities, we organized an email reading discussion group for our staff. The staff makes comments about favorite books and thing...
Electronic Sub Plans
I find that email is the perfect tool for sending sub plans to school when I am not able to go myself. I just email a friend who can print out the plans and take them with him/her in the morning. (Of ...
Element Mobiles
I divide my high school chemistry students into small groups and have each group select an element of the Periodic Table. The groups must come up with creative ideas to represent products made of that...
Element Relationships
Who’s that sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Your middle school students decide in this fun activity in which they profile an element from the Periodic Table, then write a love letter to a compatible element.
Elementary School Student Council
Jaymes has great advice for anyone looking to start a student council at their elementary school. Read about leadership roles and project ideas that worked in his school.
E-mail Better Than Signatures
Ms. Trabucca created a new parent test and signature system. She uses a mass email alert, making parent-teacher communication faster, easier and cheaper. And best of all, it places responsibility for follow up on the parents. Find out how she does it.
Email Connections
I help parents connect with their child's school experience by creating an email list of all parents with computer access. I email a newsletter to my parents weekly letting them know what's happening ...
E-Mail Extras
I use the digital camera to take pictures of the students participating in class activities. Then I e-mail the pictures to the students in the class. They enjoy seeing their pictures and many times th...
E-mailing Students
Some of my students have Internet access at home, and I have set up an e-mail exchange with them. They write to me at home on the net several times a week. We exchange jokes, I send them brain teasers...
Emergency Plans
Near the beginning of the year, I make an emergency lesson plan box. I use an empty file folder box. In it, I place a packet of work that will cover a block schedule period.
Emergency Procedures
If there should be an incident at our high school of 770 students, we hear a special code over the P.A. or intercom. It tells us what the incident is, specifically, and where it is taking place. We lo...
Encouraging Attendance
To encourage attendance, our school gives an ice cream sundae party to the homeroom(s) that had no, or the least, absences each calendar month. We also require parents who are checking their children ...
Encouraging Classroom Participation
The sound of silence is seldom a problem in Mr. Albrantdt’s science class. His students are eager to participate in classroom discussions. Find out why.
Encouraging Healthy Snacks
When we arrive at school our team focuses our first unit on nutrition. We encourage healthy snacks and provide incentives for those who participate in the monthly program.
Encouraging Oral Reading
Some teachers create writing prompts to facilitate creative writing. Mr. Shuler creates reading prompts to help students practice their oral reading skills. They prompts are unique, and his students have fun with the assignments.
Encouraging Send-Offs
My students are just starting to realize that there's a world beyond their playground so I try to connect their lives with the world of work on a daily basis. At dismissal, I always write 'Goodbye, fu...
Encouraging Students To Read Aloud
Mr. Drew gets even his shiest students to read aloud through this unique group reading activity that involves taking and viewing video of themselves.
Keeping track of students and make sure they get where they need to go at the end of the day can be hectic and stressful. Ms. Coulter developed a simple sign-in routine that students perform each morning, making dismissal a stress-free breeze.
End of the Day Routines
I make cleaning up the classroom part of the classroom jobs. I have two students clean the floor, one in charge of the closet, one in charge of sharpening pencils, two to check the supply area, one to...
Enlarged Mouse Pads
Her young students sometimes have difficulty keeping their mice on their pads, so Ms. Sharpless came up with a unique, inexpensive solution that helps students point, click and scroll with ease. Find out how she did it.
Enlisting Students' Help
If you teach more than one content area and/or have large class sizes, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of assignments. Ms. Graham’s paperwork routine puts students at the center of her solution to this common problem.
Environmental Prints
I use environmental prints as one way to give students a purpose to read. Children bring in packaging from cereal, bread, juices, and other food items. The children read the labels for various purpose...
Equal Participation
To insure that I am calling on all of my students equally, I put everyone's name on an index card. I keep the deck of cards with me and instead of calling on raised hands, I call on the next card in t...
Equitable Team Homework
Are you tired of your students doing homework from other classes during yours? Here's a creative solution that encourages students to complete homework at home and stay on-task in the classroom.
Essential 55
I just finished the most amazing new book that I'm sure will be required reading in every education program in every university by next semester. It's even better than the new Harry Potter book! The t...
Essential Skills
One of the best book report ideas I have used with 8th graders uses the Lifeskills list found in Susan Kovalik's book, 'Iti: The Model Integrated Thematic Instruction' (
Evaporating Ee's
I incorporate some science concepts into my reading readiness lessons and give students some tactile experiences before having them practice printing letters with pencils. They dip their finger in wat...
Every Job Requires Readers
We have guest readers come to our school and read to classes from kindergarten through grade 5. Our objective is to help the children have a better understanding of the concept that every job requires...
Everyone's a Critic
When Ms. Pergande shows instructional videos to her class, she uses a unique strategy to encourage attentive listening. Read more about how she organizes the game, rewards students for playing, and get everyone to be a film critic.
Exemplary Wall
Ms. Potter motivates students to perform well on test and quizzes and to behave well at school with a unique version of a hall of fame. The best part is that it’s portable: student can take pieces of it home to share their good works with family.
Exit Tickets
Students check in, but they don’t check out… unless they have an Exit Ticket! This simple exit strategy keeps Ms. Toivonen’s students engaged and on task throughout the period and orderly on their way out the door. Muahahaha!
I teach my students about exoskeletons with raw shrimp. I split my class into four groups so I only need to get about six shrimp. The students examine the headless shrimp's legs, exoskeleton and body ...
Exploring the Titanic
My students read 'Exploring the Titanic' by Robert Ballard as part of our oceanography unit. The students are asked to pretend that they were hired to design a brochure advertising the ship's features...
Extra Copy Box
If you can’t remember the last time no one was absent or left your classroom early, you’ll appreciate this procedure for make-up work. Students are accountable for themselves and their work, and it cuts down on disruptions.
EZ Grading Scale
Do you often misplace your EZ Grading Scale? I tape a Ziploc bag inside the cover of my grade book and slip the grading scale inside it! Works like a charm!
Excursion Behavior
Before field trips, Ms. Scruggs asks the students themselves to provide rules for their own behavior outside the classroom. Creating this list helps the students take ownership of their actions and simplifies classroom management.