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Getting Straight to Work
It’s easy to be organized at the beginning of the school year, butthe paper and projects soon pile up. Here's a tip to help you keep a clutter-free classroom right from the start.
Introduce Students With Snapshots
A new school year can be daunting for teachers. Here's a tip that will help you clear a huge back-to-school hurdle - in a snap!
Gain the Respect of Students, Parents, and Peers
Being genuine with students can help teachers earn their respect
Goodies For Good Work
If you want to reward your students with extras, you're probably painfully aware of the out-of-pocket expenses. Here's a great way to reinforce good behavior in students that won't cost you a penny!
Give Students a Brain Break
When her students get antsy or noisy during transitions or after they’ve been sitting too long, educator Kate Hahn gives them a “Brain Break.”
Grammar Instruction for Non-Native Speakers
Teaching grammar can be a real challenge. Teaching grammar to non-native speakers can be especially daunting. Ms. Grillo suggests some worthy first steps to get started with ESL students.
Getting the Family Involved
Do you have a hard time finding face time with parents? Ms. Postman offers creative suggestions for when, where and how to meet parents and get them move involved.
Grading Group Projects with Peer Input
Vicki has a unique assessment routine for group projects that accounts for individual contributions and group results. It keeps the grading fair: slackers are held accountable and students have a voice in their peers’ grades.
Grading Group Projects Fairly
Ms. Cashell explains how she grades group projects fairly, making sure that each student in the group pulls his or her own weight and that both individual and team efforts are rewarded.
Getting-to-Know-You Writing Project
On the first day of class, Ms. Fedderke combines a getting-to-know-you activity with a writing assignment. This quick diagnostic tools allows her to learn about her students and their writing skills.
Group Vocabulary Games
I do a vocabulary building activity with my students where they have to make their own vocabulary game...
Mixed Gifted Teaching
I have both 'Gifted Cluster' classes (a mix of gifted with other abilities) and classes that contain only dual language arts and math gifted students. There is an excellent...
Graphic Report Presentations
My students create PowerPoint presentations that include all the pertinent details and aspects of most book reports. The students enjoy having the option of...
Grabbing Students’ Interest
Ms. Matway makes her own videos, assigns her students the roles of detective, newscaster, CEO, or anything else it takes to motivate them for a new lesson plan or assignment.
Greeting at the Door Puts You in Charge
I recommend greeting students at the classroom door, because it establishes you as a person in charge, models the respectful kind of interaction...
Glitter Germs
Here is a good lesson that shows the spread of germs and how easily germs can be moved from one person to another, one object to another...
Balderdash Book Summary
Children of all ages love a good board game. Read how this teacher created her own version of Balderdash to practice writing, summarizing and previewing books.
Good Read for New and Veteran Teachers
I am a first year teacher and read the book Working With Parents: Building Relationships for Student Success by Ruby K. Payne this past summer.
Going Green Review
Ms. Buckbee has a nifty review activity that not only helps her assess student learning but also makes great use of laminating scraps that might otherwise end up in the trash.
Guidelines for Discouraging Cheating
First, make multiple versions of a test so that kids cannot copy from one another's papers during the test or tell later sections the questions...
Gallon Man
Help students learn measurements and equivalencies with a colorful diagram you can hang on your wall. Increase retention and raise the fun quotient by having students draw their own.
Generic Message Labels
I have a big class so stickers are used up rapidly. I make my own on my computer using address labels. I can make thirty on one sheet. I personalize some and adjust the message according to the studen...
Geography Dictionaries
In an effort to help my students learn geography vocabulary terms, I have them create their own Illustrated Geography Dictionary. Students find pictures in magazines that illustrate their geography vo...
Geography Skills
The first week of class, my students sketch the world on 11x17 inch paper. In order to do this, they may use only their existing knowledge of world geography...
Geometry Through Poetry
I work at having my students recognize and appreciate contrast. Teaching geometry through poetry? Yes, it works, it reinforces concepts, and it's fun. Here's an example of one I personally penned. Sym...
Get Creative with Lining Up
Ms. Durgin-Clinchard was tired of asking her students to line up by gender, so she found some more creative ways do it. She even takes it a step further by using these groupings to teach about her similarities and differences.
Getting Acquainted
At the beginning of the year I have each student write down at least two things about themselves that others may not know. I then put one thing each has written into a grid and give a copy of the grid...
Getting Everyone Organized
During my first years of teaching I noticed that my students needed improvement in organization. Another problem was my own lack of organizational skills. It was impossible to determine whether a stud...
Getting Folders Ready
All of my high school students are given a folder to store their work. They may decorate it with goals or motivational quotations. I use them at parent-teacher conferences and when the parent comes in...
Getting Parents to Conferences
At Ms. Woletz’s school parents are not required to attend parent-teacher conferences, so she developed a unique incentive to boost turnout.
Getting Students' Attention
Using vocabulary from the week's lesson, I bar the door with my body. No one may enter before the tardy bell unless she/he can define, explain or give an example of what I am asking. If a student give...
Getting Students' Attention with Chimes
Since many teachers are having classroom management difficulties, I now use a chime to get children to settle down. They love the beautiful sound and it is a way to indirectly teach a little music.
Getting Tape Off I
To take tape off the back of posters when I take them off the wall, I have the poster laminated before posting. This makes the poster last much longer. I use only wide transparent polypropylene packag...
Getting Tape Off II
I find it protects posters or cut-outs that will be hung with tape first to attach a flat piece of tape to the back of the item being hung. This way when the tape is removed, the poster will not be to...
Getting Tape Off III
The best method I have learned to keep posters on the wall all year and still easy to take off the wall in the summer - a glue gun. It does not harm the poster or the paint on the wall. The posters st...
Getting Tape Off IV
Here's another tip for posters and things that have been taped to the wall. When I am doing a presentation with visuals I want to post briefly, I use masking tape 'circles' on the back to put them up ...
Getting Tape Off V
When I remove posters that I have attached to the wall using tape, I have a hard time pulling the tape off the back of the poster without tearing it. If I leave the tape on, it sticks to another poste...
Getting to Know You
At the beginning of the school year I feel it is important to let the students know about me and to find out about them. I draw or find pictures to make a collage of things I am interested in or thing...
On the first day of school I encourage my third grade students to look into my Magic Mirror (a sparkly framed mirror that is attached to the chalkboard with heavy duty magnets) to see Mrs. Jones's Fav...
Gift Bags Serve as Practical Decorations
Like many people Ms. Stoklas has a surplus of gift bag. And like many teachers, she struggles with organizing and decorating her classroom. Find out how she organizes, decorates, and finds practical use for all those gift bags.
Gingerbread Houses
Ms. Crisafulli has a method for building gingerbread houses with her kindergartners. Using a small milk carton, a piece of heavy cardboard, and an assortment of candies, snacks and cereals, her students take a hands-on approach to holiday decorating.
Giving at Thanksgiving
This arts and crafts project doubles as a community service project, helping students learn about Native Americans and the spirit of giving.
Thanksgiving Service Project
Ms. Roker’s students enjoy a class party each year during Thanksgiving, but they must learn the value and satisfaction of giving prior to receiving the party.
Thanksgiving Food Drive
This community service project engages the entire class in helping others. Extension activities focus on arts and crafts projects that beautify your classroom.
Giving to the Class
On the first day of school, I read the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstien. This is a great way to get the children thinking about giving and receiving. After I read the book, I ask the children ...
Tidy, Cost-Effective Glue Usage
Here’s a handy idea that saves on glue waste, keeps work areas neat and makes children responsible for cleaning up their own glue containers.
Gluing Posters
I use a hot glue gun to get posters to stick to cold brick walls. It easily peels off the wall and the poster when you're ready to change. It works well on other surfaces too.
Goal Notebooks
In order to keep parents connected, I send home a Goal Notebook on a daily basis. Each day I type a note to the parents about what is going on in our classroom, reminders of upcoming events, deadlines...
Golden Can
At this school, classrooms are awarded a prize for keeping the neatest room. Learn how this simple incentive has helped build community, foster an understanding of shared responsibility, and made a huge difference in the appearance of their building.
Good Attitude Award
Each Friday during the school year, I give a Good Attitude Award to a deserving student. I have a display on the back wall of my classroom with the words, 'What An Attitude!' at the top. The student w...
Good News Calls
When my students get a 100% on their spelling tests or any other great accomplishment, I let the student call home to share the good news. The phone call usually takes only 2-3 minutes, but it is a re...
Good News Postcard
I send a GOOD NEWS postcard to each parent before our first parent teacher conference, detailing positive things about each student. This helps build a positive relationship.
Good Typing Skills
Finally, a way to stop students from looking at their keys when learning to touch type! I found some removable garage sale round stickers at Target. I cut each color as it coordinates to the typing te...
Goof Off
I always keep a can of Goof Off in my classroom to remove sticky tape residue and soil from laminated posters, banners, and such. It makes them sparkle like new. It is not oily or greasy. Among other ...
Grade Privacy
Ms. Samson protects students’ grades from prying eyes when she passes back their papers with a single, simple trick.
Grading Categories
Even though I enter grades on an electronic spread sheet, I still keep a paper grade book. Each grade category (quizzes, tests, homework, essays, participation) is weighted differently, for a total of...
Grading Math Homework
Math textbooks usually include answers for odd problems, so I assign both odd and even problems. To check the work, I grade on a scale of fifteen points and pre-select five even problems to check for ...
Grading Notebooks
I would like to share my method for grading notebooks. I usually grade notebooks once a grading period. I give students about a one-week notice and prepare a list in advance with about 20 items that I...
Grading One Class Per Day
Are you tired of spending your entire weekend grading piles of papers? This teacher shares a tip on how she took back her weekend and cut down on time spent grading.
Graduation Celebration
I plan an end of the year play/graduation ceremony where kids need to make scenery, have costumes and memorize play parts. I think the parents really like it. I play Pomp and Circumstance on the tape ...
Graffiti Day
Discover how Mr. Stillwater reviews units of study by letting his students “graffiti-ize” the room. This activity combines review study with creative thinking and artwork. Students have just as much fun with the cleanup.
Grammar Got Ya!
Ms. Dott has a favorite book for teaching and reviewing grammar. The book serves as the basis of a daily routine that helps student practice sentence writing, review grammar and mechanics, and further develop their vocabulary.
Grammatical Paper Balls
Who would have thought a paper ball fight would be a useful technique for reviewing grammar? Ms. Keller’s class has a blast throwing paper balls at each other! Little do they know, it’s also a grammar lesson.
Graphing Gingerbread
I read the traditional story of the gingerbread boy to my students and we listen to it on tape. After they've heard that, I read them The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. As a follow up activity, the ch...
Great Grade Chain
Ms. Skain has a nifty project that gives her students an opportunity to show off their academic accomplishments. The result, as the year goes on, is a Great Grade Chain that bonds the class together.
Greek Drama Masks
My students staged a production of Antigone and made Greek masks from Plaster of Paris. We used Plastercraft and Plaster of Paris impregnated gauze cut into strips. We wet the strips and applied them ...
Green Eggs and Ham
Our students are encouraged to dress up as Seuss characters. To go along with the theme, we persuaded our lunchroom staff to serve green eggs and ham. To involve the community, the local librarian wil...
Green Light
Ms. Gibson’s math students must get the green light before they can complete a given assignment on their own. Read about what they must do to pass go and win the green rewards for doing a great job.
Greeting Cards
I place a card in the new teachers' mailboxes on their first day of school to wish them a good day and a good first year. It makes their first day a little brighter and lets them know that someone is ...
Greeting with a Smile
Start your first day of school with a smile or two. Or maybe a few dozen. Then throw in some stickers. Ms. Garrett's liberal use of smiles forms the basis of this first-day-of-school routine that helps her set the right tone for the entire year.
Groundhog/Shadow Day
Turn Groundhog Day into Shadow Day: a day during which the parents take their children (and maybe a few friends) to work and let them be their shadow. The children get to experience a day at work and ...
Group Review
A great review learning activity is to have students divide a piece of paper into 4 quadrants. Then they wad the paper up and throw it on the floor. Each student now grabs another piece of paper and r...
Group Rewards
Kids love to earn prizes, and Ms. Augusta has provided some excellent advice that works for her. See if her tips can motivate your students!
Group Roles
Need to work in groups? To avoid the popularity game, randomly choose student names from a hat. Determine group roles such as notetaker, facilitator, researcher, editor, etc. based on the kind of proj...
Group Work
When choosing groups, I tell my students that when they are working they will not always be working with their best friend. I remind them that an important part of class is learning how to work in a g...
Grouping Chart
Do your shy students have trouble finding new partners for group activities? Best friends who always pair up? Solve both problems with a “Group Chart” that organizes and tracks group work, and puts your extroverts and introverts on equal footing.
Grouping Students
When I taught seventh-grade English I tried, as often as possible, to arrange my students in groups of five... rows, circles, groups. I named the groups Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Frida...
Growing Gifts for Moms or Dads
In the fall, our class begins a study of plant growth and propagation that culminates in the spring with wonderful Mother's Day gifts.
Growing Pineapples
Treat your class to some winter citrus. It might take up to seven years to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but as this teacher and her students know: pineapples CAN grow in the mainland!
At the beginning of school, I take pictures of my students and measure them. They draw a picture of themselves, record the date, and copy a sentence about how tall they are. I display the pictures for...
Guest Speakers
Every week, I choose one of my students to bring in a guest speaker on Friday afternoon. The speakers are usually parents, grandparents or family friends and they speak about how school studies have h...
Guest Teachers
When I am absent, I ask the guest teacher to rate each class on a scale of 1-6, with 6 being an outstanding score. If a class receives a rating of 5 or 6, I provide verbal praise and a treat when I re...
Guided Reading and Literacy Centers
Ms. Albert shares how the five literacy centers in her classroom help small groups of students learn independently and effectively – a helpful strategy when she must focus instruction on a specific student or group of students for longer periods of time.
Guided Reading Throughout the Year
My guided reading is very different from semester to semester. First semester, guided reading is focused on skill development for most of the students. Consequently, the tasks when not engaged in guid...
Guidelines for Student and Cooperating Teachers
Here are some key factors for student and cooperating teachers that I hope will make their upcoming year together a little easier. Feel free to use or to share them. 1) Be prepared for the day's lesso...