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Joke of the Day
As a long time language arts teacher, Ms. Rendock understands how much vocabulary and inference are needed to understand jokes. So, in this tip, she disguises a learning activity with laughter and fun for her students.
Job Interviews
Ms. Rucker sets up mock interviews with business owners in her community. Her high school students learn what it takes to get a job, and some actaully get hired! Read more about her tip, here.
Job Shadow Experience
Ms. Williams's school coordinates "Job Shadow Day" every April. Students get a taste of the real world and best of all, some even find summer employment through the experience.
Once a week each of Ms. Gronau's students writes to her in their dialogue journals. It promotes writing for a purpose and sometimes is therapeutic for them. Read more about her tip to see if you can make it work for you!
Journaling about Bear
Ms. Thomas created a 'sleepover adventure' with a stuffed bear to introduce and encourage her students to the journaling. See how it brings her class such enjoyment but also reinforces writing, reading, and oral sharing.
Jumping Words
Ms. Tabor helps her early readers stay focused by using her own inexpensive, homemade reading aids, which also double as bookmarks. Students say they make words jump off the page. Discover how you can make and use them too.