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Keep Parents In The Picture
Food is a great way to lure parents to conferences, but this educator makes it personal. See how her tip can make your parents feel appreciated and heard.
Keeping a Germ-Free Classroom
It’s cold and flu season, and Ms. Cashell has the perfect prescription to help keep your classroom germ free and healthy.
Keeping Conversion Straight
Mr. Brzezinski found that his students had difficulty converting decimals and percents back and forth. To help them keep the conversion straight, he developed this tip. See if it can help your math learners!
Keeping Kudos
Mr. Hrbacek has a routine and procedure that inspires him throughout the year, helps him turn bad days into good ones, and sometimes keeps him out of trouble.
Keeping Master Copies
Here's a handy tip that Ms. Kaplanek uses to make sure she doesn't run out of lessons she pre-prints for her classes. Read about it and see if her idea will work for you!
Keeping Materials Handy
Here's a good idea for saving time and giving faster feedback to children as you move through your classroom. Ms. Nayback and Ms. Novotny say it's as simple as wearing something like a tool belt. Read more about their tip, here.
Keeping Science Papers on Hand
Ms. Christensen was looking for a way for her learners keep track of their work while also giving herself the flexibility and freedom to check their work at any time. She came up with a great solution - read about it here.
Keeping Students Busy
There are always students who finish my exams before the exam period is over while other students need the full period to work. Mr. Clark's tip offers ways to keep the earlier finishers quiet and productive.
Keeping Students On Task
What do highlighter pens and a kitchen timer have in common? They help Ms. Quirk keep her students on task. Read about her tips, here.
Keeping Track of Assignments
Ms. Sakowsky-McEvoy developed a great tool for tracking student work. Her tip also helps students be responsible for their time and keeps communication lines open between school and home. Read about her tip and make it work for you!
Keeping Track of In-Service Paperwork
Ms. Gillies used to get frustrated at the end of the school trying to remember the details of her in-service training work. Now it’s a breeze, after she developed a standard form to record all particulars and started using a 3-ring binder to store them.
Keeping Track of Masters
Here's a neat tip from Ms. Fettis that helps her assure that master copies of work.or tests get back into HER file and not into the hands of students.
Keeping Track of Notes
Ms. Allen became frustrated with her sixth-graders losing handouts and other papers she gave them for their binders. Here's how she helped them stay organized to the point that there were no more lost papers!
Keeping Up with Equipment
What a clever way to keep track of equipment that you distribute for class! See what Ms. Kreidler does that helps her see at a glance if anything is missing.
Kelley Kash
Kids can get restless and distracted as the end of the school year approaches. See how Ms. Kelley keeps morale and focus high, why her students love it, and how it works for her!
Ketchup, Mustard and Relish
Here's a mouth-watering tip from Dr. Goldberg that helps keep his classroom better organized while hie students learn responsibility.
Key Ring Cards
Ms. Kast has offers a neat way to keep parent contact information, student, information, and an efficient way to collect supplies at the end of the year: all in one place!
As I observe the techniques my keyboarding students have, there are three things that are very difficult for them to change when they finally take a formal keyboarding class: 1) using the little finge...
Keyboarding Skills
Ms. Saxon has a great, active tip for teaching keyboarding skills.See why her students love the activity and are amazed how much they know when they get to a real keyboard.
Keyboarding with Boxers
How can a pair of boxer shorts improve stuednts' keyboarding skills? Mr. Baker's tip spells it all out for you!
Kickball Incentive
Here's a homework completion reward that really works for Ms. Donato. See if her "Kickball Incentive" tip can work for you!
Kids Read Across America
Students celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday (March 2) by reading their way across the United States with this activity that combines reading and geography.
Kind Compliments
Ms. Formisano uses this creative tip to teach children to give and receive compliments. Best of all, it serves authentic writing for students to read to their parents and reminders of how positive their peers feel about them.
Kind Kids
Ms. Spause wanted to promote kindness in her class, so she created a great tip that involves students being "on the lookout" for kind acts done by their classmates.
Kindergarten Journaling
Kindergarten journal writing can be a challenge! To stimulate both interest and writing skills, Ms. Tucker has them start with one sentence about another activity. Read about her tip, here.
Kindness Bank
In Ms. Pribble's class, students are ecouraged to report acts of kindness. Each act of kindness earns the class a penny. Not only are her students more polite, but they have fun spending their pennies at the end of the year!
Kiosk Display
Bulletin board space can be used up in a hurry. Ms. Kast found a way to have more display space that takes up no floor space. Learn about her Kiosk Display, here.
Knead Help with Fidgety Fingers?
Many students have to have something in their hands to calm themselves so they can focus on tests or listen in class. Mr. Edwards found a solution and best of all, it will last all year and then some.
Knightly Actions
Ms. Gealt has a unique, highly creative way of motivating students and rewarding their positive behavior. There are knights in her classroom, along with a round table. She even uses a scepter. King Arthur would approve.