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Observation Labels
Ms. Cameron created a great a convenient mehod to track student progress that's also proven valuable to her in parent conferences and report card comments.
Old Cds Make Good Picture Frames
Elementary school teacher Ms. Piercy has a nifty arts and crafts idea, using old or damaged compact disc cases. This project is quick, easy and can be used to decorate refrigerators or Christmas trees.
Old CDs Make Good Wheels
Eighth-grade physical science teacher Ms. Greene has a great way to give old or scratched CDs new life. See how her students use them for problem-solving and other sctivities.
Olympic National Anthems
Ms. Reynolds teaches her young students about the Olympic Games by recreating a medal ceremony and playing National Anthems of different countries. She creates a musical Olympic competition with her older students.
Olympic Reading Event
Read about Ms. Oakley's creative way to get students excited about reading during the Olympics.
One Person’s Trash Is Another Student’s Treasure
Almost every educator is painfully familiar with out-of-pocket expenses for classroom supplies. Here's a great tip to help you stock your class without breaking your bank.
One, Simple Classroom Rule
Ms. Moss gives advice on setting rules and classroom procedures. She has only one rule: The classroom is a place where teaching and learning happens. Read more about how she suggests you can start the year off with organization and confidence.
One-Minute Flash Mobs
Bernadette has been working with her dance students on spontaneous performances in different areas of the school. Read about how she’s taught her students some one-minute routines, including a Cuban Shuffle and a Thriller Dance.
One-Rule Classroom
Like the One Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth saga, Ms. Postman has a single classroom rule to rule them all – except Aretha Franklin provides the soundtrack.
On-Task Tickets
Ms. Ortiz uses plastic cups, paper tickets and a couple of sad and happy faces to keep her students on-task. This behavioral incentive system for lower grade levels is simple, inexpensive and effective. Find out how she does it.
Open House Classroom Tour
Families are so excited, and perhaps overwhelmed, that they sometime miss seeing important things at your open house. I make a poster that...
Open House Preparations
During an open house, there never seems to be enough time to answer this question from parents: "how's my child doing?". So, Ms. Hutchinson came up with this tip to eliminate confusion and foster positive relationships with parents
Open House Project
Ms. Kast's tip is a fun way for students to track their physical and academic growith throughout the year. Best of all, it can be a fun open house project with a keepsake for parents.
Opening Game
Here's a game that Mr. walker plays with his class that requires critical thinking and observation skills.
Opening Goals
Ms. Haines has a creative way of teaching her students about setting goals. This activity starts in September, and her students really love how it clminates at the end of the year!
Oral Presentations
Ms. Martin decided it's never too early to learn Power Point, so she taught it to her students. Result? Even her most reluctant speakers gave excellent presentations!
Ordering Supplies
Ms. Jirik uses this time-saver tip to keep track of ordering printer cartridges, but you may be able to employ it for all of your supplies needs. Read about it here and see itf it can work for you.
Orderly Coming and Going
Ms. McDaniel's new principal reorganized arrival and dismissal to be safe and orderly. Best of all, the new procedure allows for friendly greetings and gentle reminders of proper hallway behavior.
Orderly Notebooks
Ms. Shoemaker wanted to help her students keep their notebooks in order, so she came up with this tip that not only reduces a multitude of questions, but helps everyone stay organized.
Oregon Trail Simulation
We end the year with a simulation game of the Oregon Trail. The kids dress in 19th-century style clothes and play pioneer games, cook Johnny cake, and...
Organizational Methods
Ms. Postman says these tips and organizational methods ker her 'somewhat sane'. Read her thoughtful ideas and see if you can make them work for you.
Organize Ideas for the Next Year
Keeping track of ideas for improving your lesson plans can be as simple as using a Word document and flash drive.
Organize With Overhead Transparencies
Managing make-up work for absent students can be daunting. Ms.Tarr alleviated some of that burden for herself and students with overhead transparencies. Read about how she did it, here.
Organize Your Lesson Planning
Ms. Sanders advises using three-ring binders with section dividers to keep all your notes/handouts/tests in proper order, or they will overwhelm you.
Organized Boards and Posters
To organize her bulletin boards and posters, Ms. Alderson devised this inexpensive tip. Best of all, this idea makes them are readily available and easy to sort.
Organized Book Themes
What a great way to keep a classroom library organized! Ms. Horler's tip saved her from the frustration of, ‘Where is THAT book?’ -- cn her tip save you, too? Read about it here and see!
Organized Computer Scheduling
There's no doubt that a well-run lab contributes to student success and achievement. Ms. Biondi shares her school's reservation request system that she says is a win-win for all invovled - teachers and students alike.
Organized Copies
Making last-minute copies for lesson plans and assignments can cut into your valuable calssroom time. Ms, Murtaugh's has a nifty way of keeping up to date and even ahead of planning. Can her tip work for you?
Organized Overhead Sheets
At a recent workshop, Ms. Kelley noticed something that a presenter did that changed the way she organizes her transparencies, and now she's sahring it with you!
Organized Paperwork
Ms. Nancarrow offers some wonderful ways to get organized while creating an effective way to communicate with parents.
Organizing Borders
Storing bulletin board borders from year to year, even month to month, can be a hassle. That's why Ms. Stitt wants you to try this!
Organizing Career Day
Want to ensure a successful Career Day? Ms. Neff-Encinas says starting with students' parents is an integral step. read more about her tip before you plan your next Career Day.
Organizing IEPs
The special education process and volumes of paperwork involved often overwhelm families. Here's a tip from Ms. Postman that helps families feel better that she understands some of the feelings they are having about the process.
Organizing Lesson Plans
Planning is burdensome, especially if you don't have a method that works for you. Ms Hutchinson treats her planning like an assembly line and it works for her. Read more, here.
Organizing Master Work Sheets
Ms. Reynolds no longer uses file folders for her master work sheets. The method she now uses has resulted in no more lost or scrambled papers. Read about her tip, here!
Organizing Original Assignments
Ms. Ross grew tired of rummaging through files in a cabinet or on her computer to find originals of assignments to photocopy. So, she created this time-saver tip which has made things easier for her, her students, and her collegues!
Organizing Papers
With so much paperwork, forms, and stuent work, staying organized in the classroom can be daunting. Ms. Scuralli came up with a great set of tips to keep everything in order. It works so well for her, she uses the same system for her paperwork at home!
Organizing Papers to Grade
Grading creates stacks of papers and requires lots of organization. In this tip, Ms. Allen offers a creative way to keep track of all the different piles of student work awaiting your grade.
Organizing Parent Teacher Correspondence
Communication with parents is integral to your and your students' success. Ms. Reed's tip helps her keep careful track of those communications. See what she uses for reference and clarification that really works for her.
Organizing Student Councils
Participating in student council is an excellent learning experience, but it's also a huge commitment. Ms. Dorion lends some practical advice for advisors, students, and parents in this tip.
Organizing Writers' Notebooks
In order to manage all of the Writers Notebooks that my middle schoolers create, Ms. Breyne employs this tip that works very well for her.
Organizing Writing Portfolios
Many teachers are responsible for some type of writing portfolio. When the time comes for students to select specific types of writing to put into the portfolio...
Original in Yellow
Sick of having a file of extra copies of the same worksheet and never know which sheet is the original? Then this tip is for you! Read how it's a great way to save your originals and space in your files.
Original or Duplicate?
Here is an easy and inexpensive way to keep track of your original papers, using one of the best inventions ever.
Ms. Urlage keeps aloe and cotton swabs in her classroom. When her students would otherwise ask to go to the nurse's office, they take pride in treating their "ouchies" themselves. Read more about her tip, here.
Outlining Art Assignments
If you're growing tired of hearing "What are we doing today?" from your students. you'll want to take a look at this tip from Ms. Suba. Read about why she doesn't hear that question anymore.
Overhead Grids
Ms. Steinke got tired of cleaning transparencies when teaching with graphs and grids. So she came up with this nifty idea that eliminates the tiresome cleaning AND makes it easy for students to participate in her lessons.
Overhead Sentences
Ms. Harder found that when her students are able to move the words around on the overhead, the class can see what's going on and they pay attention. So she created this tip and it really works for her.
Overhead Tip
Do you find you are out of those expensive overhead projector sheets when you really need one? Read Ms. Gromly's tip and see if it can work for you!
Overhead Transparencies
Do not throw away the large scraps left after trimming posters that have been laminated! Ms. Popieski says you can give them a new life. Read about her tip, here.
Overhead Transparency
Here's a time-saving tip from Mr. Lincoln. See how he uses a tranparency to get through grading very quickly and with accuracy.