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Using Selfies to Learn About the Library
Ms. Hayes' students take selfies to accomplish several important things for her records and curriculum. Best of all, students don’t really see it as an assignment but as a way to painlessly earn a few points on the first day of class.
Using Body Language (and Humor) To Explain Parts of Speech
Sometimes it takes extraordinary measures to engage students. See how Ms. Colquitt employs body language - and even a little song and dance - to keep her learners' attention.
Using a Rubric to Get Students Invested in Their Work
Motivating middle schoolers doesn't have to be impossible. Find out what this educator did that changed everything about the way her students approach their edcuation.
Using Duct Tape to Make information “Stick”
Mr. Newcomer cures spring fever with a fun content review activity that helps prepare students for end-of-the-year exams. Students find renewed focus as they use their creativity to make decorative hallway art –using duct tape of all things.
Using Winter Seasonally
Use the winter seasonally by having your students read Jack London's "To Build a Fire".
Using Google Docs
Learn what Ms. Hanson does to make tracking depleted classroom supplies a breeze. She suggests an easy way to record and manage a list throughout the year, so replacing supplies eliminates guesswork and mistakes.
U Layout
Mr. Behm wanted to be more accessible to students and wanted more space for student presentations. So, he rearranged the desks from rows to a doulble U layout. The benefits of the new arrangement went beyond his expectations.
Union Representatives and New Teachers
This union representative offers valuable tips for other union reps in welcoming new teachers to schools and their associations.
Unique Student Qualities
On the first day of school, Ms Lockhart gives students little baggies with an assortment of seeds and reads "Mrs. Spitzer's Garden". From there, discussions about growth create meaningful lessons.
Unlocking Anxiety
Many upper elementary students have anxiety about entering middle school. Everything will be new - including lockers. Read about Mr. Soborio's thoughtful tip that helps them feel comfortable using combination locks.
Using a Drawer Organizer
If you have a problem in your classroom with students' money being lost or stolen, Ms. Hunt has a tip for you. Read about the the drawer organizer that she has on her desk that has resulted in no more theft or misplacement of kids' money.
Using a Timer in Class
Ms. Mattison found that her classes were losing too much time transitioning between activities. So she introduced this small, inexpensive item into her classroom. Result? No more lost minutes!
Using Digital Cameras for Assessment
Ms. Pace uses a digital camera to capture images of her student teachers for examples of good and bad teaching practices. She has noticed a dramatic difference in my students' work since I started this and the kids love it.
Using Old Calendars, Part I
Don't throw away outdated calendars! Ms. Durgin-Clinchard them for her young students to practice with scissors by cutting out the big numbers. After that, the "cut outs" can be used for many math activities.
Using Old Calendars, Part II
To teach problem solving when learning about calendars, try using outdated calendars. This educator walks you through a group activity that works for her --and her students!
Using Tent Cards on Desks
School safety and student safety are a hot-button issues everywheres. Ms. Dahl offers a unique way that she can, at a glance, can quickly let teachers, paraprofessionals, parent volunteers, or peers know the location of specific students.
Using the Dictionary in the Classroom
Ms. Christensen's uses a very old dictionary on an antique school desk for her class dictionary. She affixed a sign with a cute greeting and the kids not only love to visit the dictionary desk, they also take good care of the dictionary.