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Valentine’s Day Fundraiser
What a sweet way to raise money! The Valentine's Day tip that will bring music to your ears and cash for your school.
Velcro Pencil Holders
No more searching cluttered through desks or tripping over strays on the floor. Ms. Johnson’s nifty solution will keep runaway pencils in place – all it takes is a little Velcro.
Velcro Behavior Tokens
Ms. Person has a suggestion for implementing a rewards system that may work particularly well for young, visual learners. All it takes is a bit of Velcro and some token pictures.
Verb Charades
Warning: this learning game may cause lots of squealing and grunts, but it definitely reinforces the meaning of a verb. Needless to say, kids love playing it. You’ll be surprised how much their “verb” knowledge grows throughout the year.
Vacation Scrapbook
When Tammy had a student leave for a two week vacation to the Grand Canyon area, she had a brilliant idea: that student's vacation became part of the class curriculum. Find out how.
V for Victory
Be victorious over student chatter and noise with this simple tip.
Vacation Reports
After long vacation breaks, Ms. Hale starts gets students back into the swing with this learning activity.
Variety Reinforces Learning
When it comes to learning spelling, Ms. Immenschuh believes in variety. Read about the many imaginitive and fun ways she leads her LD class though their spelling lessons.
VCRs on AV Carts
Keeping audio/visual equipment from sliping around on AV carts is no longer an issue for Mr. Neal. Learn how he fashions a Velcro safety strip to prevent accidents.
Velcro Mats
If you use carpet squares and/or mats for students to sit on during floor activities, you're familiar with the hassle of moving them and children shifting on them. Ms. Schaefer offers this great tip to keep the mats --and students-- in place!
Velcro Nametags
Learn how Ms. Niedzwiecki uses Velcro for desk nametags and saved herself a sticky mess when it's time to rearrange seating assignemnts.
Veterans Day 1
Ms. Weinrich offers a tip to help you teach your students gratitude toward servicemen and women and lift a lot of spirits of veterans having to spend a holiday in the hospital.
Veterans Day 2
This tip dovetails with Veteran's Day letters. Ms. Wilcox's primary classes write letters and she drops them off at the nearest VA hospital. Kids love that 'real' veterans are going to read their letters and have their spirits lifted.
Veterans Day 3
Sixth-graders at Ms. Goeller's school send letters and cards to their state's Veteran's Home. This activity lasts over several holidays. The response has been good and the students feel good about doing something for someone else.
Video at Open House
What a treat for parents at open house! Ms. Stoffel creates a video of students working on a project. But it's not just ANY video; learn about Ms. Stoffel's important advice and key tips that make it a big hit..
Video Autobiography
This is a wonderful activity for students to learn more about their families and for the teacher to get insight into students' lives. Learn how Mr. Chew does it in the form of individual student videos.
Viewing Students' Progress
This is like a mini time capsule of goals. At the begninning of the year, Ms. Jacobs has students create a list of their goals. What she does with it at the end of the year makes for a fun activity for all.
Vocabulary Bingo
Here's a tip for an activity that plays like BINGO but in order to cover a square, students match definitions to words. Best of all, kids are so wrapped up in the BINGO aspect, that the learning component becomes fun.
Vocabulary Builder
This tip explains a vocabulary learning game based on the Groucho Marx TV show 'You Bet Your Life.' There's a secret word and prizes, too. Best of all, very little preparation is needed and it can be played in any class that has vocabulary to learn.
Vocabulary Frisbee
Ms. Fielder uses paper plates to "launch" this game, which involves groups of students mathcing words to definitions. Lots of laughing an learning ensue. Best of all, this game works with any subject requiring vocabulary words.
Vocabulary/Spelling Review
Ms. Johnson's students groan about the spelling test on Fridays, but they love her mid-week review. Learn about this take-off on the game "Charades" that has proven to be a fun study review for her class each week.
Vocal Punctuation
Ms. Zelenda uses vocal sounds to teach commas and other punctuation to my students. Learn how the tongue-click and other sounds that students can make for certain punctuation marks can be a very effective - and fun - learning activity.
Vomit Comets
Vomit happens. And Ms. Gilbert is ready for it - before it happens. Read more about the precautions she uses to keep save accidents and get on with the learning.