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Best of Works 4 Me: Thanksgiving

You'll give thanks for these quick tips and ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Service Project

Darlene Roker, a fifth-grade teacher in California

Ms. Roker’s students enjoy a class party each year during Thanksgiving, but they must learn the value and satisfaction of giving prior to receiving the party.


noise control

Dealing With Chatterboxes and Clowns

By The Worker Bees

What’s behind all the chatter and clowning around in your classroom? Here are some ways you can help students rein in inappropriate behavior and focus on schoolwork.


Holiday Gift Exchange

Sandra Brockel, a fifth-grade teacher in Virginia

In Ms. Brockel's unique gift exchange, students are not matched in pairs, the entire class participates (even those  not able to buy gifts) and everyone enjoys the gifts for the rest of the year!

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