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Hall Passes by Students

Ms. Granger couldn’t afford to spend so much class time writing hall passes, so she came up with this alternative plan. Her procedure for hall passes is student-driven and non-disruptive.

reading programs & events

Battle of the Books

Sophia Bufis, a Teacher at Forrest School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

This year-long, school-wide contest gets the entire community involved in a fun reading event. Students compete, teachers and principal coach, and parents cheer them all.

routines & procedures

Keeping Kudos

Tom Hrbacek, a band director at Temecula Valley High School in Temecula, California

Mr. Hrbacek has a routine and procedure that inspires him throughout the year, helps him turn bad days into good ones, and sometimes keeps him out of trouble.

problem solving

Bean Bag Count

Verlee Henry, a teacher at Middle Township Elementary in Cape May Court House, New Jersey

Everyone loves to squish and toss a bean bag! Here's a fun review game you can play with your students on days when it's just too cold to go outside.

Connect with Your Peers

First-Year Teacher

Katelynn M. says, “I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on classroom management. I am a first-year 7th-grade math teacher in an inner-city school district. I am having terrible luck with classroom control. I am the type of person that needs examples of what to do, not just being told to be stricter.”

Kate Ortiz says, “My first year with 7th graders started out rocky, even though I had taught successfully for many years before that. Here are the things that helped my students get more engaged in their learning and be more respectful: First, learn their names. I was overwhelmed with the number of students I saw each day, having been used to elementary classes, and I didn't make learning their names a priority…”

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