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Best of Works 4 Me: Motivating Students

Tips and strategies to motivate and inspire even your most reluctant learners.


"Sense"ible Heart Art

Diane Postman, a teacher in Yorktown, VA

You will "heart" Ms. Postman's creative way to introduce even the youngest learners to the five senses, while they create a sweet piece of art for Valentine's Day. 

motivating students

Encouraging Students Who Refuse to Work

Tips from NEA Educators across the country

By now you've encountered students who refuse to do work. It may seem hopeless, but you can reach them. Here's what veteran educators want you to know. 

social studies

Best Past President

Sue Kast, a fifth-grade teacher in Pleasanton, California

Perfect for Presidents' Day! Lead your class through debates, mock elections, and the steps toward selecting the best past President. 


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