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Best of Works4Me: Back to School

Tips, ideas, and strategies to help you start the new school year!

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Five Games To Learn Students’ Names

by Mary Klein, Rich H., Pamela Belcher, Randy Loukissas, and Debra Zanders

As if there's not enough on your Fall plate, you've got new a roster and need to learn your students' names! Check out how these veteran educators do it while having fun, too!

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Setting High Expectations and Believing In Students

Kate Ortiz, retired teacher in Iowa

Teaching hard-to-reach students - especially in the higher grades - is daunting, but this very thoughtful tip may help you recognize their potential and uniqueness and help THEM see it, too. 

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Learning About Each Other

Carla Herbert, a fourth-grade teacher in Kansas

With this get-to-know-you activity, Ms. Herbert’s fourth-grade students practice their conversational skills, learn proper etiquette, and learn just about everything they ever wanted to know about their teacher.

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