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Best of Works4Me: End of the Year

End the school year smoothly, productively, and happily!

end of the year

Changes for Next Year

Lisa K

Making each school year better and easier requires planning and efficiency.  You can start NOW toward making fall 2019 your best year yet with Ms. K's "handy" tip! 


end of year

Summer and School Safety

Karla K.

Here's an end-of-year tip that also serves as a back-to-school tip, with some modifications.  See how Karla K. saves valuable time while promoting something even more valuable to her students. 

end of the year

Recycling Student Supplies

Sonny Bechler, a special education teacher in Illinois

Give school supplies destined for the trash a whole new life! See how Ms. Bechler's school coordinates recycling end-of-year supplies for her colleagues, local agencies, and preschools.

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NEA's edCommunities is a place where teachers, parents, school support professionals, and community members share ideas and resources to improve student success. It is free and open to all!