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Best of Works 4 Me: Motivating Students

Tips and strategies to motivate and inspire even your most reluctant learners.


St. Patrick's Day Fun

Nancy Claggett

From a scavenger hunt to cross-curricular activities to music to green glitter and more! Ms. Claggett's students get the luck of the Irish when it comes to learning all about St. Patrick's Day! 

motivating students

Encouraging Students Who Refuse to Work

Tips from NEA Educators across the country

By now you've encountered students who refuse to do work. It may seem hopeless, but you can reach them. Here's what veteran educators want you to know. 

tests & quizzes

Testing Tactics

Lynn Cashell, a teacher in Pennsylvania

Testing days can cause undue stress, so Ms. Cashell tries to make her classroom environment as comfortable as possible. Read her tips and make them work for you!

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