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Classroom Management

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Getting Students To Complete Their Work

A high school teacher applies Dr. William Glasser's theories to student - and staff - behavior.

A Safe and Orderly Environment

Tired of battling students' verbal violence, a middle school teacher shares his plan to eliminate put-downs in his classroom.

Respectful Discussions

Using 'Accountable Talk' to express your opinion.

Teacher TV - The Apathetic Student

Research has shown that one of teachers' most common concerns is the student who doesn’t pay attention in class and half-heartedly earns Cs and Ds, even though he or she is may be quite bright. What do you do with an apathetic student?

Building Relationships with Students

Second grade teacher attributes her students' orderly behavior to the culture she creates through the positive relationships.

Vote for Your Favorite Homework Excuse

It was a tough job, but we’ve selected our favorite homework excuses from the numerous ones sent in by NEA members. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorites.

Using Visual Cues to Communicate and Give Directions

Visual cues can help you communicate with students of all ages. Let this Virginia speech-language therapist show you how.

Good Body Language Improves Classroom Management

We surveyed trained and practicing educators, as well as psychologists and body language experts, to come up with practical tips and advice on using body language to communicate with students, build rapport, and make them feel safe and ready to learn.

When You Have to Be Absent

Get ready for the substitute teacher now - before you have to make that call or send that e-mail.

Teaching That Emphasizes Active Engagement

Teaching that emphasizes active engagement helps students process and retain information. It leads to self-questioning, deeper thinking, and problem solving. Find out where to begin and how to put your students on the path to higher achievement.

Using Humor in the Classroom

Using humor effectively can help teachers do their work: engage students and activate learning. Here are three ways to use humor in the classroom.

Virtual Classroom Management

The Virtual Classroom Management website recommends a variety of free online tools to aid classroom management, including timers, noise monitors, point trackers, random name generators, charts, and more.