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Classroom Setups That Work

Great classroom setups can maximize student learning and minimize behavior problems.

What's your secret to the art of arranging? Tell us - or better yet, show us - how you've set up your classroom.

You can post a description of your classroom arrangement on our discussion board.

Or you can upload photos of your room on our FlickR page. We want shots of your learning centers, desk groupings, computer stations — anything that shows how you've managed to set up a classroom that works for all students. We’ll use your ideas and photos in an upcoming ebook and a fall issue of NEA Today magazine.

Here’s what you need to know to share your photos via our Flickr site:

1.To share photos, you must have a Flickr account. It's easy and free (and they won't send you annoying emails.)

2.Go to to join the NEA Today Classroom Photos pool and upload your photos to the site.

3. When you upload your photos, please put your NAME and SCHOOL NAME in the image and a short description of your set up.

4. After you upload, use the "send to group" function to share with the rest of the pool.

5. Your photos should be from the school years 2009-10 or 2010-11.

6. Your photos should be high resolution.

7. If your photos include student faces and are selected for publication, we will contact you to obtain parent permission before publication.


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