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Top Picks for February

  • Hands-on Activity: Clearing a Path to the Heart
    Subjects: Science and Technology, Biology, Life Science
    Grade Levels: 6-8
    Summary: Following the steps of the engineering design process and acting as biomedical engineers, student teams use everyday materials to design and develop devices and approaches to unclog blood vessels. Through this open-ended design project, they learn about the circulatory system, biomedical engineering, and conditions that lead to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Take a Bite Out of This
    Subjects: English Language Arts
    Grade Levels: preK-2
    Summary: Students explore the connection between animals' teeth and what they eat.
  • Economic Spotter: Inventors and Entrepreneurs in the Industrial Age [Unit of 4 Lessons]
    Subjects: Business, Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology
    Grade Levels: 3-5
    Summary: Students hone their skills as entrepreneur spotters, They identify entrepreneurial characteristics and learn about Thomas Edison as an inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur.


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