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Top Picks for December

  • Winter Holidays: Discovering Commonalities [Mini Unit of 4 Lessons] 

    Lesson 1: Winter Holidays: Collecting Information (Day One)
    Lesson 2: Winter Holidays: Collecting Information (Day Two)
    Lesson 3: Winter Holidays: Determining What's Important
    Lesson 4: Winter Holidays: Pulling it All Together
    Subjects: English, Language Arts, Winter Holidays
    Grade Levels: Grade 3
    Summary: In this holiday mini-unit students work independently, with partners, and in small groups to research a winter holiday, learn what makes their holiday important, and determine how their chosen holiday is similar to the holidays that the other groups in the class have researched.

  • Crossword Puzzle Student Interactive
    Subjects: English Language Arts, Interdisciplinary
    Grade Levels: K-12
    Summary: This interactive tool offers a fun way for students to review the vocabulary associated with various topics. Players can choose to play premade crossword puzzles or to create their own. Each puzzle includes a For Teachers page with troubleshooting help and ideas and a Tips & Hints page designed to scaffold students' learning and help them do the research necessary to solve the puzzle.
  • Studying Balance in Art and Science
    Subjects: Integrated Arts and Science
    Grade Levels: 3-5
    Summary: Students view and analyze a Getty Museum image of a 16th century life-casted oval basin that incorporates the forms of various animals and use this image as a jumping off point for brainstorming about what constitutes a healthy, sustainable, balanced ecosystem. Students then synthesize their findings by drawing original oval basins that illustrate a sustainable, balanced ecosystem.


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