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Top Picks for April

  • April is National Poetry Month!
    Subjects: English Language Arts, Reading, Poetry
    Educational Standards: NCTE/IRA National Standards for the English Language Arts
    Grade Levels: K-12
    Summary: Includes lessons, student interactives, mobile apps, calendar activities, professional development, and parent & afterschool resources related to reading, interpreting, and writing poetry.
  • Waves: The Three Color Mystery
    Subjects: Physical Science
    Educational Standards: International Technology and Engineering Educators Association: Technology
    Grade Levels: 8-12
    Summary: This unit is comprised of five interactive lessons designed to teach wave properties, the electromagnetic spectrum, and the anatomy of the human eye. As a culminating activity, students work in teams to design devices that will help people with colorblindness distinguish colors.
  • When a Lesson Goes Wrong, Part 1 & Part 2 Uncut)
    Subjects: English Language Arts, Analysis
    Educational Standards: CCSS: ELA.RL.9-10.2 ELA.RL.9-10.9
    Grade Levels: 9-12
    Summary: This two-part video lesson plan, designed as a professional development tool for high school language arts teachers, features a 10th-grade integrated language arts teacher during two class periods in which she runs into problems with her lesson plan during the first period and then has to think on her feet to revise and adapt her original lesson plan during the second class period. It includes several helpful tips and strategies to turn a failing lesson into a successful one.



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