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Top Picks for September

  • What's Your Calling?
    Subjects: Social Studies, Women’s Studies, Global Studies, Media Studies, English Language Arts
    Grade Levels: 9-12
    Summary: This resource is based on the PBS documentary series The Calling and the companion video archive on the What’s Your Calling? website. It includes an educator guide (PDF icon PDF, 1.8 MB, 36 pgs.), short film modules, and customizable lesson plans designed to help teens and young adults explore their identity, career aspirations, the kind of life they want to live, who they want to be, etc.
  • Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Hieroglyphs
    Subjects: Art and Culture, Visual Arts, Anthropology, Social Studies, History World History, Ancient World, Language Arts, Literature, Foreign Language
    Grade Levels: K-2
    Summary: In this EDSITEment lesson plan unit and accompanying activities, students study and create their own hieroglyphs and tomb paintings as they learn about the culture and religious beliefs of ancient Egypt.


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