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Top Picks for June

For Internet Safety Month & Social Media Day (June 30):
  • Private Today, Public Tomorrow (9-12)
    Subjects: Information Literacy (Digital Literacy and Citizenship), Technology in Education (21st century skills)
    Grade Levels: 912
    Educational Standards:
    Common Core & NETS•S
    Summary: Students learn about digital footprints, the importance of respecting other people's privacy on the Internet, and the consequences of bad sharing or posting decisions.

For National Music Day (June 21):
  • The Look of the Listen [Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Lesson Plan]
    Subjects: Arts, Music, Vocal Music, Visual Arts
    Educational Standards: National for Music Education 1, 2, 6, 9
    Grade Levels: K-3
    Summary: Students listen to a sampling of songs from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, while examining the cover art on the albums that feature these songs. Students will then engage in singing, chanting, and movement experiences, alone and in groups, then examine and discuss how the photographs and imaginative artwork on these historical album covers is relevant to each song, thereby, discover and explore the ways that music and visual art are aligned.

For Smmer Vacation Reading:
  • Creating Book Trailers in iMovie for Choice Reads [Unit of 5 Lessons]
    Subjects: English, Language Arts, Reading, Independent Reading
    Grade Levels: 5-8
    Educational Standards:
    Common Core RL.9-10.2 W.9-10.4 W.9-10.6 SL.9-10.
    Summary: Students view sample book trailer videos created by their teachers, then choose a summer reading book from the school library and create their own book trailer video for it.  Students will be trying to persuade others in the class to read the book that they have highlighted in their trailer.



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