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Eco Boys and Girls

Grades PreK-2 Learn about Recycling & Conservation

Found In: science; preK-2

The Eco Boys and Girls, developed by Maria Snyder, are illustrated characters intended for children in grades PreK-2. The NEA and United Nations welcome the Eco Boys and Girls as pro-environmental advocates.

The Eco Boys and Girls teach children the value of respecting their environment by practicing recycling and conservation, and respecting other people and creatures who inhabit the earth by showing love and care for them. Young children are inquisitive and eager to learn.

We hope these lesson plans will provide students with varied experiences across all learning domains and models for caring for the earth and help them begin their journey to becoming environmentally responsible adults.

Eco Boys and Girls – Curriculum Guide


  • Introduction to the curriculum
  • Descriptions and images of the characters
  • Sample letter to administrators and teachers
  • Sample letter to parents and guardians
  • Storyboards
  • Lesson plans
  • Activity Sheets (Acrostic Poems, Word Search, Crossword Puzzle, KWL Chart, We Can Do Writing Exercises)

Download the curriculum guide ( PDF, 3.5 MB, 34pp)


Eco Boys and Girls™ Maria Snyder, Inc. Eco Boys and Girls, Patsy Peace, Lulu Love, Ernie Earth, Recycle Ray, and Sammy Sun © 2013 Maria Snyder, Inc. All rights reserved.


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