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Science Friday Kids' Connection

Found in: Free Resources for Educators

Every week during the school year, the Kids' Connection translates information from National Public Radio's Science Friday program into curriculum for middle school teachers.

This educational resource is based on National Public Radio's award-winning Talk of the Nation: Science Friday, hosted each Friday afternoon by veteran science journalist and author, Ira Flatow.

Flatow talks about the latest research with scientists and policy makers, authors, and advocates during two hourlong segments, broadcast live from 2 to 4 p.m. EDT. Flatow covers topics ranging from global warming to genetically modified foods. The Science Friday Kids' Connection then takes that often complex material and translates it into easily digestible information available at

Each topic contains a full summary of the discussion, with references, suggested questions for students, activities, and related resources available on the Web. Educators can review the content in light of appropriate McRel standards, listed on each topic, derived from the Mid Continent Research for Education and Learning. The Kids' Connection is produced by KIDSNET, the nonprofit organization that helps children, families, and educators intelligently access educational opportunities available from the media.