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TED-Ed Video Library

Found In: all subjects, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, (Technology, Entertainment, Design) an established source of brief, entertaining and educational video presentations has just launched TED-Ed. TED-Ed’s growing library of educational videos represents collaborations between teachers and animators.

Tweak, Rewrite, Create Lessons

Classroom teachers can use, tweak, or rewrite lessons, or create their own lessons, based on any useful educational video. For example, The Power of Simple Words (2:02) is a featured video that argues big words are not necessarily better than small ones.

Students can view the lesson, take a short interactive comprehension quiz, write answers to questions to demonstrate more comprehensive understanding, and follow web links to additional resources.

Videos by Subject & Theme

Take the TED-Ed tour (2:43) to get a quick introduction. TED-Ed has videos and "flips" that can be customized lessons to assign or share. Videos can be accessed by subject or theme.


  • the arts
  • business & economics
  • design, engineering & technology
  • health
  • literature & language
  • mathematics
  • psychology
  • science & technology
  • social studies


  • math in real life
  • visualizing data
  • playing with language

Flip Teaching

If you’re not familiar with flip teaching, The Khan Academy is one of its more prominent examples. Material that was traditionally presented in a class lecture is presented in video format and assigned as homework so that class time can be devoted to practice and direct teacher/student contact.

TED-Ed’s innovation is to encourage teacher involvement in developing and customizing lessons. TED-Ed provides a tutorial on using the websites “flip this video” button and a brief look at flip teaching. The "flip this video" button allows you to turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely. You can add context, questions and follow-up suggestions.



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