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Found In: science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5

EekoWorld (Environmental Education for Kids Online) informs K-4 students about the role they play in taking care of Earth.

Learning Games & Interactives for Students

The website has two interactives: EekoCreature and EekoHouse. Choose a biome and food source and build an animal with EekoCreature, and then care for it as it encounters environmental problems in different ecosystems. Students have ten minutes to catch the bus in EekoHouse, but before they can leave they need to make sure they’ve left house in proper order. Earn points for every environmentally responsible act and raise the world health score. A teacher’s guide suggests ways to use both interactives in the classroom.

  • Students learn about plants and animals of the tundra, forest, aquatic, grasslands, and desert biomes in The Environment.
  • Garbage & Recycling explains what happens to trash, how paper, glass, metal and plastic are recycled, and how even kids can help minimize environmental damage by making wise choices.
  • Air & Water discusses their importance and the consequences of pollution.
  • Plants & Animals examines the connections between different forms of life on Earth, endangered species, and what we can do to ensure the survival of species.
  • The Future looks at possible environmentally friendly inventions. Take a future field trip and see what could happen if we don’t take care of the environment.

At the Eeko Exchange students can tell EekoWorld what they think about the environment.

Loco Cheeko! is a card game. Students can customize a deck with their own EekoCreature and then print the cards and instructions.

Teacher & Parent Resources

Teacher’s Guide suggests how to use the multimedia resources, lessons, and activities.

Lesson Plans provides three lessons for each grade, K-4. Each lesson has activities and extension activities. McREL standards are listed. PDF versions are provided.

Family Guide features ten projects and activities for the whole family.



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