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EarthPulse: State of The Earth

Found In: science, social studies, 9-12

EarthPulse: State of The Earth 2010 is a snapshot of Earth’s health. The site links to the 2008 issue, which allows comparison and suggests a 2012 issue will soon become available.

EarthPulse features essays, photo galleries, vital statistics, and a quiz.

Quiz: EarthPulse 2010 is a good place to start. Students in grades 9-12 can use the quiz’s 15 questions as a pretest to assess their understanding of world issues. Submitting an answer prompts immediate feedback.

Vital Statistics are displayed on an interactive world map. Some data is presented in graphs and charts. Students can map and compare global trends in population, migration, agriculture, forest loss, and more. Choosing a map layer such as “Water Footprint Per Capita” produces a map and key identifying Earth’s largest water users. In addition, links to a related essay and photo gallery appear under the map. Students can compare two layers by toggling back and forth between “Water Footprint per Capita” and “Individual Household Consumption” or “Percent Irrigated Area.” This element of the website would be especially effective when projected on a whiteboard.

Essays examine population, consumer demand, and resources. Two maps: “Global Shipping Intensity” and “Air Freight Traffic” support the essay on consumer demand.

EarthPulse has five Photo Galleries with images related to political and environmental migration, irrigation, and gateway cities.

A Resources section cites and links to original sources.



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