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A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change

Found In: science, 6-8

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change explains what has caused climate change in the past, how human activity is causing it today, and what each person can do to help.

Learn the Basics assumes that human behavior is the main driver of climate change today. Learn more about climate, how climate changed in the past, and how is being changed now.

What can each student do to reduce carbon emissions? Calculate Your Emissions calculates a person’s carbon dioxide output and suggests ways to reduce pounds emitted.

See the Impacts describes climate changes and those predicted for the future, and how those changes will affect health, agriculture, energy, water supplies, plants, animals, ecosystems, and recreation.

Take a Climate Change Expedition! to explore the effects of climate change. Each stop includes a video and challenges.

Think Like a Scientist presents the observations and data that lead scientists to conclude that global warming is real and that human behavior is the leading cause.

Be Part of the Solution! proposes ways to prepare for climate change and, most importantly, ways to save energy and slow climate change.

Educator Resources include tips for teachers and links to other web resources on climate change, energy, and related topics. Students and teachers will also find a glossary, references, and FAQs.



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