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Architect Studio 3D

Found In: arts, language arts, mathematics, social studies, 3-5, 6-8

With Architect Studio 3D students in grades 5-8 can design houses and share them with others. They explore architecture and learn about Frank Lloyd Wright's life and work while gaining practice in subject skills.

About architecture includes an architect’s handbook, which covers symbols and concepts, and a section called design for people and place, which illustrates and describes features of different houses in different parts of the world.

About Frank Lloyd Wright covers his career and his designs for residential and public buildings.

Using the site is a brief statement for teachers explaining what students will gain from the site. Curriculum connections for teachers explains how the website fits the standard curriculum in math, social studies, language arts, and fine art.

Design Studio lets students choose a client and location, design a building, and walk through a 3D model of it. Design Studio requires the Unity3D plug-in, a quick and free download. Make sure you restart the computer after downloading the plug-in. Students preview 18 clients, 12 adults and 6 teens, and consider their needs before deciding whom to design for. Students can decide to add a family member. After choosing from 6 locations, students select floor plan, building height, exterior materials, and roof and then design the interior. Projects can be viewed in 3D at any stage. Wright’s design hints are provided along the way.

After submitting a design to the Design Gallery it can be rated by others. Submitted designs can be sorted by rating, architect, age, state, floor plan, and date submitted.

Challenges For Student Enrichment suggests placing middle schoolers in teams and running a design challenge. The page includes points to consider for a range of activities.



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